Stay Strong

"Erin Natalie Smith. Such a normal name, yet it belongs to such an abnormal person."
"Shut up Niall, ad least I know how to drive. Your 16, shouldn't you have a licence by now?"
"Why would I need a licence if I have you to drive me everywhere?"

Erin and Niall are best friends, and have been since primary school. But their friendship is put to the test when Niall auditions for the X-Factor. Will he hold on to his past during his journey to fame, or will he cut all ties?

**Guys, this Fan Fic is written for my best friend erin_lovez_Niall.**


1. Bugs and Black Boxes

"Happy Birthday, dear Erin, Happy Birthday to you!"

The chorus ended and I was engulfed in hugs. "Thanks guys." i said. I sat on the couch for my favorite part. Presents. I don't care how greedy it makes me sound; we both know it's the best part. "Here you go, sweety." Said my mom as she handed me a small package. It was wrapped in hot pink paper with a silver bow.

"Thanks, mom." I said. Underneath the paper was a small black box. I opened it and took out a silver necklace with my initials on it. "I love it!!" I said. I moved my hair over so it draped over my shoulder. "Here, let me do it." She said. She took the gift from my hands and put it round my neck.

The cool sensation from the metal gave me small goose bumps. "My turn!" I heard someone shout. I looked to the side and saw one of my best friends, Savannah. "Ohhhh, what did you get me this year?!" I said. She smiled and took a card out from behind her back. "Open and find out." 

I ripped open the envelope and slid the card out. I opened it and $300 fell from it. "WHAT??" I yelled. She chuckled and smiled at me. "Were going shopping on Saturday. So here's $300." My mouth was agape in shock. "Oh, close your mouth before a fly goes in it or something." she said. I smiled and hugged her. "Your the best friend ever."  I said. 

"Wait, what about me??" I heard a voice from behind. "Shut up, Niall we both know she loves me more." Savannah said. I Laughed and turned to face Niall. "I love you, too, Nialler."

"You better love me after what i paid for your gift.." He mumbled. "What was that??" I said, "I refuse to take cheek from you, mister Horan." He laughed and handed me a small box. It was wrapped in blue paper with white polka dots. I stripped it from the covering it and found another black box.

"Well, are you gonna open it?" He giggled. I opened the box and revealed a small diamond ring on a silver band. "Niall.." I gasped. "It's beautiful!" I put it on my finger and extended my hand to examine it. "I knew you would like it." he said.



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