I thought I was over you..

Hi, my name is Olivia Styles. I'm 15 years old and live in London. I live with my two parents, Anne and Joe. My brother is Harry Styles. This is my diary. If found please return to where ever I live at the time..


2. Love at first sight

3:45 pm


Almost out of school!! I'm super excited to see Harry again! I've never gone so long without seeing him. I'm a little nervous to meet his friends though.. What if they didnt like me? What if I didnt like them? So many questions ran through my mind. *DING DING* FINALLY! The bell!! Later school!


It's a bit chilly outside waiting for Harry.. I hope he didnt forget about me.. Oh wait! Here he comes now!!


Harry: Hey Liv! Hope in!

Me: Umm.. Hair.. There's no room..

I gaze around to see that all the seats are taken up by four strange boys..

Harry: Oh yeah, Liv, this is Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn!

Niall: You can sit on me lap!

Damn he was cute! His sexy Irish accent melted my heart.. I could feel my face turn bright red as I climbed in the passenger seat with him.

Liam: Ooh looks like Olivia has a crush on Niall! Her face is bright red!

I could see Niall blushing a little too.. Did he like me? God I hope so.. His eye's are so dreamy.. The most beautifulest blue ever.. Wait.. Is beautifulest a word? Oh god.. He can see me writing in here.. Maybe I should wait until I get out of the car...


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