I thought I was over you..

Hi, my name is Olivia Styles. I'm 15 years old and live in London. I live with my two parents, Anne and Joe. My brother is Harry Styles. This is my diary. If found please return to where ever I live at the time..


3. Home at last

       It was a long car ride, but I think I managed.. Not really.. You see the seat bealt wouldnt fit around both me and Niall so Niall just wrapped his arms around me. I could have stayed like this forever! As we pulled up to the house I could see my mum and dad standing outside waiting for us. I quickly shot up from Nialls arms so me dad wouldn't freak out. He is super protective of me. I can see where Harry gets that from! I was the first one to get out so I could hug my parents! I was so excited to see them! After Harry and I both got done hugging them and telling about our day mum finally asked, " Um Harry, who are these strange boys you brought with you? " Harry quickly got up and apoligized to them before he introduced them.

" Mum, Dad, these are my new friends Liam, Louis, Zayn and N- "

" Niall!! " I blurted out almost too quickly.

Everyone stared at me like I was crazy! I couldnt help it he was just so perfect. Everything about him was just magical! His eyes, his voice, his hair, the way he held me! SNAP OUT OF IT OLIVIA! He's  four years older than you! He would never like you! Never in a million years!

It was almost dead silent in the room until a familiar voice walked in.

" Hey everyone!! "

Ugh. It was Harry's girlfriend. Taylor Swift. I hated her! She told me that when she was around I couldnt talk to Harry at all.. AND IM HIS SISTER! Whatever. My mum and dad dont like her either. They say that she is taking Harry away from us, which is true. He hasnt been to a family dinner for weeks, and he didnt go with me to pick up a few things at the store like we've done every Wednesday since we were little.

  " I'm going out with Taylor everyone! Liv, will you be okay here alone with the boys? "

I nodded even though I knew I would probably bore them to death.


Harrys POV

I feel kinda bad leaving Liv at home with the boys.. I mean she has never been good at making friends, but what can I do? I love Taylor.. Or at least I think I do. No. No. I love her. Truthfully and honestly love her! Speaking of Love, what was going on with Niall and Liv in the car? He was the first one to suggest that she could sit with him, and then he had the guts to put his arms around MY little sister. The next time I see him I hope he's ready to run!

" Babe are you okay? " Said Taylor

" Yeah I'm fine.. Just have a lot on my mind. It was my first day in school! "

" You've never been to school? What the hell? Are you too stupid they wont let you in or what? haha"

" No.. Umm.. Me and Livvy were home schooled up until now. Our mum needs money so she's going back to work. "

" Oh god. Your stupid little sister.. She's such a brat! And Your poor? I dont think I can date a poor guy.. That wouldnt look good to the press.. "

" Don't talk about my sister like that!! She is a better person than you will ever be! And no. We are not poor! People need money for everything nowadays! If you're going to act like this toward my family we are done! "

"You cant break up with me I'm Taylor Sw-"

" Just shut the hell up and leave me alone! "



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