I thought I was over you..

Hi, my name is Olivia Styles. I'm 15 years old and live in London. I live with my two parents, Anne and Joe. My brother is Harry Styles. This is my diary. If found please return to where ever I live at the time..


1. First day


February 1, 2008. 8:14 am


Well, today is my first day in Middle school! Im super excited! My mum told me to keep this stupid Diary though, she says it will help me to write down what happens so I can remember the good and the bad of the day. Mr. Holeburg is my homeroom teacher. That's where I am now.

Mr. Holeburg: Okay class, welcome to your first day as middle schoolers! How is everyone feeling?

Class: GREAT!

Mr. Holeburg: Olivia stop writing and pay attention!

Sorry, Gotta go.. I'll write again at lunch!



12:35 pm

Im at lunch now.. This food is disgusting!! I'd rather be at home with me mum. Im used to being home schooled with my brother so this is all new for me. I wonder how he's doing. *buzz buzz* Oooh maybe that's him now!

Message from: Harold! ♥: Hey sis! How's your first day? Any friends? Lunch is nasty.. I miss you! 

To Harold! ♥: I miss you too! It's going okay I guess. You know me, I havnt really talked to anyone yet. When do we get out of this horrid place?

Message from: Harold! ♥: Around 4. And you need to talk to people! I have four new friends!!! There names are Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn! They might be coming over so you can meet them! Gotta go. Lunch is over. Love you!

 To Harold! ♥: Alright.. Im not cooking for you though! (: Love you too!

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