I used to hate you now i love you.

Erica has been bullied since grade 2 by the one and only Harry Styles.. him and his friends always pick on her because she already lost her virginty and their only in their Sophmore year. When Erica goes to a Performing arts school and finds that Harry went there will she fall for harry or not?


4. Meeting Him.

Liam's P.O.V.


*Text Messages*"

"Hey Haz is Deidre there?" -Liam "No she went to go pack why?" -Harry "I wanted to get to know her.. she seems nice.. text me when she gets back please.." -Liam "Ohkayy i will." -Harry, *End of Text messages.* I wanted to get to know her more.. shes really pretty.. I honestly dont think its nice how he tourments her..  And how the rest of the boys laugh! its rude.. *Text Messages again* 'hey haz sorry to bother but whats her address i could help her pack." -Liam *End of text* He texted me back i walk into my bathroom and check myself. I out on some Axe and walk out. I have Zayn drive me.. About Ten minutes later we show up at her house. "Thanks Zayn. I think she will drive me back." I say leaving the car. He pulls out i waste no time and ring her doorbell. She answeers and says "Hey Liam uh what are you doing here?" She asks with a confuesed look on her face. "I wanted to get to know you more and Harry told me that you were packing so i wanted to help." I say smiling. "Oh thanks come on in." She says letting me in. i shut the door behind me. I see Dufflebags already down here. "Where do i start?" I ask. "Uh follow me." She says going up her stairs. We end up at her room "Uh can you finish packing my clothes please? This will be the last bag and we can leave.. and uh thanks." She says smiling and walking out. I start putting all her clothes into her Colorful printed Duffle bag. It wasnt alot so i finished quickly. "Hey Deidre i finished!!" I scream. She omes runnning up the stairs. "Thank you Liam can you carry it down ill carry the rest.." She says turning off her light. I follow her downstairs i grab oe more bag she grabs the rest and we head to her car. "Just stick them in the backseats." She says. I put them back there as she puts the rest. "Can i have a ride back?" She nods.  get in and so does she. She starts the car and we head off.

Deidre's P.O.V.


I started the car and we headed off. We were just sitting there in silence til Liam spoke up. "Hey um Deidre waanna hangout later?" He asks kinda of shyly. "Uh Yeah that sounds great." I say smiling. He Smiles we pull into the School Parking Lot. We get out i grab some bags he grabs the rest. We walk to my dorm. I drop my bags put the key in the door i unloclk and see..

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