I used to hate you now i love you.

Erica has been bullied since grade 2 by the one and only Harry Styles.. him and his friends always pick on her because she already lost her virginty and their only in their Sophmore year. When Erica goes to a Performing arts school and finds that Harry went there will she fall for harry or not?


1. Intro.

Hi im Deidre Patterson. I have Brown Wavy hair thats goes to the middle on my back. I have blue eyes im fairly tan and i have been bullied cause i have slept with atleast 3 guys.. but why does that matter? I used to have tons of Friends includng Harry Styles.. untill he turned on me when he met new friends Niall Horan Zayn Malik Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne. Their in a band that i dont like which is Called One Direction. He called me names and he never stopped i lost all my friends.... *Deidre's P.O.V.* "Deidre! Its your first day of school! get ready!" My mom screams i groan and get out of bed. i walk over to my closet and pick out some Skinny jeans a Aeropostle shirt and my shoes. I strip down and put my clothes on. I walk over to my mirror and Let my hair go natural i put on no makeup cause i useally dont put it on. I grab my Vera Bradley and my phone and head downstairs. "Morning Mum." I say sitting down and start making ceral. "Morning Bubbles." (Its a nickname my mom called me ever since i was little) I smile and start eating. It took me fast cause im finally going to my dream school.. I grab all my stuff and my Pink Northface and head towards my car. I get in and LWWY comes on i turn off the radio and just drive in silence. I stop by My favorite place Dunkin Donuts. I order the usual Hot Chocolate. I drive off to the Performing Arts school. Its a art and music school. im only into music not so much art. I pull in the parking lot and see five guys standing next to eachother near their car. i lock my car and it makes a noise one of them turns around... and its... Harry..   

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