I used to hate you now i love you.

Erica has been bullied since grade 2 by the one and only Harry Styles.. him and his friends always pick on her because she already lost her virginty and their only in their Sophmore year. When Erica goes to a Performing arts school and finds that Harry went there will she fall for harry or not?


3. Go away,

Harry's P.O.V.

"Bye Hazza! see you later in music!" Louis screamed at me.. i just waved and kept walking to my dorm.. Miss Angel told me i had a new roomate and it was a girl. I pulled out my key and put in it the lock i opened it and  my roomate is Deidre... "Um your my new roomate?" I say trying to smile.. "Oh shit.. " Was all she could say. I walked away from her while she was doing whatever crap she was doing. "Aw fuck not again.." She screamed i walked in a saw she droped her phone.. Clumsy Deidre.. like she always was. "Uh Harrry i know you might not care but im going to my house to pack my stuff." She said walking away. She opened the door and left. I walked over to where she would be sleeping  and i wanted to know what she had in her uh book bag. She had this diary. it had no lock or anything so i opened it to see if she had any secrets i could spread. I opened to the page she left off on and it said August 23rd 2010, Im now getting bullied from my bestfriend.. i thought he liked me? he turned on me now no one likes me... All these years i have had the hugest crush on him i was gonna tell him but he made new friends and started making fun of me. Theres no chance Now.. I hope to make new friends, Just- "Sorry i just came bak for- WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING??" Deidre screams walking in ripping the book out of my hands. Her cheeks weere red as a tomato. "Sorry i .. " She was mad now. "I just came back to get my car keys.." She says grabbing her bag and walking out. I didnt know she liked me.. I made a huge mistake.


Deidre's P.O.V.

I got to my car and i got in and i couldnt find my keys so i got out snd walked back inside knowing i forgot them. I got to my door and walked in. "Sorry i just came back for- WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING??" I scream walking over ripping the book out of his hands. i felt my cheeks burining. "Sorry i.. " I was extremly mad now. "I just came back to get my car keys." I say grabbing my bag and walking out.. He read it.. im screwed he is gonna tell everybody..



Hey beautifuls! sorry for the short chapter.. I need a co-author.. anyone in?? Comment your kik and i will text you my email and pass. (: -Deidre xx


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