I used to hate you now i love you.

Erica has been bullied since grade 2 by the one and only Harry Styles.. him and his friends always pick on her because she already lost her virginty and their only in their Sophmore year. When Erica goes to a Performing arts school and finds that Harry went there will she fall for harry or not?


2. FML.

 Deidre's P.O.V.

I freeze.. my heart stops. He smirks and walks over. "How was your summer? how many boys did you sleep with?" His friends start laughing and patting him on the back except one.. Liam. I roll my eyes and walk away.. "Aww Shes to ashamed! she must of slept with to many!" I hear from Behind. I just ignore it and walk away.. I went to the main office to ask for my scheule.. "Excuse me miss angel? um im Deidre Patterson um i didnt get my schedule over the summer." She turns around with no expression. "Yes we have two choices you can either live here with a roomate in a dorm or you can just drive here everyday." I think it over. "If i drive here what time will i have to be here?" She laughs "Oh um at keast 5:00 it gives you time to figure out your classes and if you stay here you wont have to be to your first class till 7:30." I made my choice of staying here, "I would like to stay here." She smiles and says "Good choice! since its your first day here i will give you today and tomorrow to pack all your stuff! Let me find a room available.." She pauses. "Ms. Patterson it seems there is no rooms available.. do hyou mind sharing with a boy?" I really minded but if i could stay here that i will. "I will share with a boy." She smiles "Ohkay you are in room 242 down the hall on your right it will be the 5th door on your left." SHe says handing me my room key. "Thank you." I walk away i follow the instructions. i end up at room i put the key in the lock and walk in.. "Damn is this a deluxe room?" I say to myself. I noticed one bed was taken i look next to the bed to see another one just like it.  I walk over and set my stuff down. I pull out my phone and call my mum. *PHONE CALL* "Hi Bubbles hows the school??" "Its great! they gave me a choice to live here or not so i chose to live here. i have two days to ge my stuff together can you start for me?" "Yes honey i will. im glad you chose wisly!" "Thanks mum i will see you soon!" "Bye bubbles!" *END OF PHONE CALL.* I put my phone away and someone waalks in.. myew roomate.

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