Crazy Mixed Up World

There a a ordinary named Michaela she was with her family at the dome. She had to go to the car, and her way out she meets One Direction. What happens when the paparatzi follows them there.


4. With One Direction

 Tearra's POV

 I can't imagine this would happen, me meeting Niall Hoarn. I is unbelevible i could meet all of them if Michaela and Ashley would let me. We are just sitting in the car on are way to the breakfeast place were it was diffrent to Niall. We always came here when they were around. I still come here but not as often becuase me and the girls this was are spot the hang out. We finally got there and i was thinking to myself I really like Niall i wish he would feel the same way.

 Niall's POV

 I was sleeping in the car and i had a dream. The dream was about that i fell in love with Tearra, and that we dated for a while. Then after 12 months i propsed and she said yes. I don't know why i deamed about that but i do like Tearra. She really pretty and she seems nice. We finally got to the mall and got out of the car. Michaela, Ashley and Tearra went right into a group huge. I had to join in and then they all laughed.

"Lets go!!!" Ashley said

"Where do you want to go first??"

"HOLISTER!!!!!!!" they all screamed at once

"Umm....... why did you all just a scream?"

"We always came here and we ALWAYS went to Holister first"

"Oh ok sounds cool"

"Ok so just stay close so we the fangirls dont attack you"

"Ok i just want a day with you guys"
 We were walking into the mall and Michaela was right all the fangirls wanted something. I said hi and stuff but that it no pictures or anything. We were walk to holister and Ashley and Tearra went of  and looked around. Michaela stayed with me on the boys side. She wanted to get boy sweatpants becuase they were more comfortable then girls.

"So what do you want to get" Michaela asked

"I don't know i never been here"
"Well let me help you"

 Michaela was really nice and really pretty but she was dating Harry. Ashley was dating Louis and i WANT to date Tearra. I will have to get infomation out of Michaela to see what she is like.

"So Michaela what is Tearra like"

"OMG she is the funnest person ever, she is just fun to be around she can put a smile on ur face when ur sad and she dont take life to seriously. We were in all the same classes and we talked all the time. Even with the boys that called me Mickey Mouse and her diesel bates. They gave us those nicknames i don't know why but we went along with it. But there was these kids that stared at us all the time and we think they liked us. But you know life goes on."

"Oh wow that wow"

"Yah but whatever, but you know that kid that stared at me all thime i wished he would just ask me out, or even told me if he liked me"

"why dont we find him and see if he really did?!"


He cut me off.

"Come on plzzzzz i really want to know who he is and what he looks like"

"Fine but you have to prtend ur my brother u cant tell him i know u guys cuz that will mess everything up"


We finally went out of holister and as we ere going out i saw him, his name was Dan. Dan saw me and gave a little smile but not that noticable, and he came over. He was with his friends and one of the guys girlfriends Maddie. Maddie was one of are friends, she was sooo funny. He came over and gave me a hug it was weird cuz we were just freinds.

"Hii i havent seen you in forever"

"Yah i know i have been busy and stuff"

"we have to hang out soon"

"sure i guess wednesday will be good"

"Ok meet at the hockey rink or here"

"hockey rink will be kool"

i havent been there in the longest time i miss it there.

"ok see you then at 8"

"at 8"

Dan's POV

We and my friends were just at the mall hanging out when i saw Michaela. Michaela and me were in all the same classes one year and i really liked her, but never asked her out. We decided to meet at the hockey rink for open skating. I am planning on asking her out there i just always wanted to but never could. What if she says no, but what she says yes. OMG idk what to do.



"thats michaela from 8th grade that  you had the biggest crush on"

"Ik,ik,ik,ik,ik,ik... but i want to go out with her"

"good luck with that what if she has a boyfriend"

"i dont think he will"



What do you think will hapen next????

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