Crazy Mixed Up World

There a a ordinary named Michaela she was with her family at the dome. She had to go to the car, and her way out she meets One Direction. What happens when the paparatzi follows them there.


8. What Now?!

Bowling was cool but I just couldn't get my mind off of what happened. I have been through so much I can't deal with drama anymore. I am just going to try to forget about and move o, go as on my own relationship.

Are team was really good at bowling except for me. I was never really good at bowling, I always had the bumpers, yeah I know it is really embarrassing. But don't care because we are winning anyways. So Harry was trying to help me but bowling was not my game. I do track and softball. These are my kind of game, I can usually pick up on things quick but not this. It was really cute the way he was trying to help. It was like something you see in a movie. I have always wanted this.

Ashley and Louis made a cute couple. It was weird because we have always said that she would date Harry and I would date Niall. She seemed really happy for me and if she did have a probes I know that she would tell me, we are like sisters.

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