Crazy Mixed Up World

There a a ordinary named Michaela she was with her family at the dome. She had to go to the car, and her way out she meets One Direction. What happens when the paparatzi follows them there.


6. Hide It!


Michaela's POV


  The next morning it was sunny and then shade was open so the sun it my face, it was warm. I remembered last night it was crazy. I looked at  my arm it was swollen, black and blue. Oh my gosh I still couldn't believe that happened to me. I looked over the other side if the bed and Harry wasn't there. So I got up still in my pajamas cause I was to lazy to change right now. I started walking down stairs and I could smell something really good. I was Harry making me breakfast it was so nice of him to do that. But should I hide my arm or tell him. It would be the right thing to tell him or should I not. I guess everyone slept over cause Niall was eating the pancakes that were on the table and everyone else was watching TV.

"Hey guys"

"Hey Michaela!! You better start eating before Niall eats all the food." Liam said

I walked in the kitchen

"Hey guys, Niall leave so food for me to"
"I'll try but I am SO HUNGRY"

Haha he was so funny

"Hiiiii Michaela!!" Harry said he was in a really good mood. He gave me a hug and a kiss. He's so cute.

"What are we doing today?"

"Well everyone wants so go bowling so I think we are going there and then you and me are going to go to dinner."

"Ok that sounds good I will go get ready"

"Ok!" He was such in a good mood I wonder why?
I was walking up stairs and decided to look at my arm. I hurt so bad I didn't  know what to do.

"Oh my god what happened?!" Zayn said. Oh my god I didn't even hear him.

"Oh its nothing I just skated into the boards at skating." Please let him believe this.

"Michaela that looks like a lot more than that"

I pulled  him up the stairs and into a room.

"Ok that's not what happened this kid got a little angry with me and garbed my arm hard and stuff. But don't tell anyone please?"

"Ok I wont but you have to get it checked out or something it looks really gross."

"Oh thanks, haha" I said that with sarcasm

** 5 minutes later **
 I was trying to decide what I wanted to wear. I finally decided to wear light washed skinny jeans with tons of rips in them, a long white V-neck, and UGGS. I applied my usual make-up, eyeliner, foundation, mascara, and eye shadow. Finally I did my hair, I didn't want to do anything really fancy right now so I just straitened it. Ashley and me were probably the last ones done. Everyone was yelling at us to hurry up, but this was a process. we were done by noon. She we weren't that late.



"How does this look"

"Amazing!, what about me?"
"Amazing!!!! Twinney material!!" haha

We headed down stair and everyone was waiting.

"Finally it took you guys like a billion hours to get ready" Louis said

"Hey it only took like an hour or two"

"That's a long time"

"No it's not"

"Yes it is"



"Ok, ok guys lets go" Liam said

There was to many of us to go in one car so Harry and me went with Niall and Zayn, and Ashley and Louis went with Liam. It was only about a 15 to 20 minute ride.

**Skipping the car ride**
 We finally got there and something felt weird. But of course I told Ashley what happened last night. When we got out of the car she came over to me and send the we had to go to the bathroom so she could tell me something.
"Hey babe Ashley and me are going to the bathroom and then we are going to wait for Tearra out here"

"Ok babe see you in 5!"

"Love you"

"Love you too"

Ashley and me ran to the bathroom.

"Michaela we have a problem"
"What?" now I am a little nerves

"That kid is works here"

My heart dropped but then I had a ball of anger.


"I know just relax and try not to confront him please"

"Ashley you know me I am pissed I have to"



"Please for me and if not for me for Harry you don't want him to see you like this."

"Fine I wont but if he says anything to me I am going to go off"

"Ok now just go out there and act as claim as you can"

"Ok, Ok I'm claim"

Ashley and we walked out of the bathroom, and we saw that Tearra was here already with Niall. Of course she just got here, she's always late. lol. I asked Ashley to come with me to get my shoes. But then..................... 


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