Crazy Mixed Up World

There a a ordinary named Michaela she was with her family at the dome. She had to go to the car, and her way out she meets One Direction. What happens when the paparatzi follows them there.


3. At The Flat

 Harry's POV

 We got out of the movie and went to the entrence. We stayed there for about  minutes just talking with each other. Michaela and Ashley were talking with each other something about a girl they knew from school or something. The boys and me were taking about tomrrow and what we are goiing to do. We had to go on tour in 2 days. Ashley and Louis were dating now, Michaela and me were dating now so what are we going to do when we are away. We were going to ask Simon if they could come with us.

Text to Simon: Hey Simon it Harry me and Lou just got girlfriends and we dont want to leave them, i mean we just meet and we want to sped time together. Can they come with us??

2 minutes later

Text from Simon: Congraduations!!!! But you have a ton of interveiws and you might have a few hours in with them before your concert each night. I know Liam asked me about bring Dani and she is going so... if they want to go its fine but make sure they are with Dani.

Dani and Liam's girlfriend, and Niall doesn't have a girl friend yet.

Text to Simon: Thanks!!! See you tomrrow

Michaela's POV

 Ashley and me had plans to go see are friend Tearra tomrrow. We were goiing to bring they boys to meet her. She has been are friend for the longest time.  Ashley and me were talking about that as all of us started walking out of the movies.

"So we are going to go see Tearra tomrrow right??"

"Yeah of course!!"

"Who is Tearra??" Niall and Zyan asked

"Tearra is are friend from home and we are going to go see her tomrrow."

"Oh that sounds like fun!"

"Yeah you guys can come if you want"

"Really are you sure?" Niall said

"Yeah we could just go to the mall or something"

"Ok sounds cool!!"


We got up the next morning and got ready. By 7 o'clock we headed out. It was about a hour and a half drive.


We finally got to Tearra's, i was driving while the others were sleeping. There was a lot of traffic on the way here. I got out of the car and headed for the door. I didnt even make it to the door Tearra was so excited to see us she came running out.

"Tearra i have some news but dont freak."

"Ok what"

"Niall Horan is in the car he is going to be coming with us today."

"OMG really!"


 We went to the car and she got in the passenger seat. I woke Ashley and Niall up.

"Niall this Tearra and Tearra this is Niall"



"Sooo do you guys want to get something to eat and then go to the mall?"
"OMG yes i am soooooooooo hungry"

"Niall you are always hungry"

"I know"

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