The First Time

What do you want your first time to be like? Long lasting and savouring? or Fast and furious? Its up to you and that special person. But remember, it only takes one time....


2. What now???

hello my lovelies, im so sorry i havnt updated in ages!! i hope you guys like my story!




Thank God you were sitting down because if you werent you would have fainted! Harry on the other hand grew a rather large smile on his face. He kissed you on your cheek and picked you up and spun you in a circle while holding bridal style. "Harry! Be careful! The baby is in there!" You say. The doctor chuckled and said to calm down, the baby is only the size of a gummy bear. "So, i assume this was an unplanned pregnancy?" "Yes, very unplanned..." You say while looking at Harry who was smiling so hard his dimples looked like holes in his face. "But we couldnt be happier." You say while smiling back at him. You truly were ecstatic that you were having the baby of this beautiful angel faced man that you loved more than anything. The only thing was you were only 16. You still lived with your parents, who are on a 6 month vacation. You were suppose to be living with your cousin who is 24. She promised not to tell your parents you had been with Harry this whole time. Now what are you gonna tell your parents? What if they kick me out? What if they cut me off completely? All these things running through your head until you come back to your senses. "What?" You say to the doctor. "Are you on any medications currently?" "No, im not." "Ok. Wonderful. Everything else seems to be in perfect working order. How bout you come in every 4 weeks since this is your first baby and your a bit young."  "OK, that sounds fine to me." You look at Harry and he nods in agreement. After you leave the doctors Harry takes you out to lunch. "Im so happy baby! I couldnt be more happy with anything in my life! Dont worry ill take care of everything, ill take you to the doctors and ill pay for the clothes and diapers and everything!" Harry says. You smile and take his hand in yours. "I know you will keep your word, but that isnt what im worried about." Harry nods, and motions for you to keep talking. "Its my parents. We never talked about situations like this. My parents could hardly stand giving me "the talk" when i was 12." "I know babe, ill come with you to tell them. Im not scared, im here forever." "Thank you Harry. I know you will." Then a busty waitress with bleached blonde hair and a hideous tan came up to take your order. Her eyes just about popped out of her head when she saw Harry, which made you furious. The blonde perked up while popping her gum and continued to stare at Harry, who was looking at the menu. "What can i get you?!" she said to Harry who still didnt look up. "Can i start with a coke?" "Sure!" she said while squealing. She looked over at you and frowned. "And you?" She said much less enthusiastically. "Yes, you can stop flirting with my boyfriend like im not here you whore!!" You said rather loudly. You didnt even realize you said it until it was too late. You had no idea idea where this outburst of anger came from."EXCUSE ME??!!!" She said. "You heard me you SKANK!!!!" Harry looked at you in pure shock. "Ummmmm, I didnt see him complaining!!" "Thats because he wasnt paying attention to your nasty slut self!!" "EXCUSE YOU BITCH!!!" "No bitch. Excuse you!!" With that you grabbed Harrys hand and left the restaurant.

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