The First Time

What do you want your first time to be like? Long lasting and savouring? or Fast and furious? Its up to you and that special person. But remember, it only takes one time....


5. Trouble??

hey guys, sorry if ur mad at me for leaving u hanging, but i had to keep u interested! haha, im gonna need my 100th reader to kik me so i can include me in the story,  ill put u in and put in ur fav celeb and make them ur bf/gf/bestfriend which ever u want! so my kik is JaydaBug7 and my email is, hope u love the story!! btw, i noticed i have 85 reads but no favorites... plz favorite!!! be a fan!! tell all of ur friends!! plzzzzzzzzzzzz ok thanks lovelies, byeee




"HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Whats wrong?!?!?" Harry said frantically. "Im bleeding!! Like im on my period, but m not suppose to bleed while pregnant!!" Harry came in.. No, Harry came flying into the bathroom and almost ripped the door off the hinges. "We need to go to the hospital.. NOW!" i said. "Lets go then!!" he said. I pulled up my pants and tried to get to the car, but apparently i wasnt moving fast enough so Harry picked me up ran me to the car. He carefully set me in the passenger seat and sprinted to the drivers side. We were speeding down the road in seconds. Harry was so frantic and worried. Id never seen him so scared in my life. It made me scared. And the fact that i could be losing my baby right now smacked me in the face hard. I started to cry hysterically, Harry was trying to calm me which was hard to because i saw a tear run down his cheek as well. I cried all the way to the hospital. We walked in and were approached by a male nurse, he was wearing blue scrubs, white nikes, and he was dark skinned. "Whats the problem?" he said calmly. "This is my girlfriend, shes 3 months pregnant and she has started bleeding!!" Harry practically screamed at the nurse. The nurse nodded quickly and grabbed a wheelchair.  Alright sir, calm down. "DONT TELL ME TO CALM DOWN!!!! THATS MY BABY!!!" Harry yelled very loudly at the nurse. "Harry stop! Taking it out on the nurse isnt going to help!" i said between tears. The nurse rolled me into a room and  the doctor came in. They laid me in the hospital bed. Harry held my hand the whole time. The doctor said her name was Doctor Harris, I was glad the doctor was a girl, because i would have felt much more awkward with a guy, it was still very awkward. Just not as bad. She had to go 'down there' and see how heavy i was bleeding. I was only spotting she said, and spotting is normal in young or first time moms. (not sure if thats true true in real life) She put a heart monitor on my tummy to listen to my babys heart. then she took and ultra-sound. "It also looks like yourr fluids are a bit low. Nothing too serious, i'll just have an ivy hooked up. We'll have to keep you over night to make sure your not making the baby uncomfortable while your sleeping." She said. "Ok" I said. "Harry?" i looked at him and saw a releaved look on his face.  "Yes darling?" "Call your friends and ask them if we can meet here. I'll call my friends and do the same, ok?" I said. "Of course baby!" Harry said while taking his phone out of his pocket. He left the room to talk on the phone. I picked up my phone off the bedside table, and dialed Taysha first. (btw they had her change into a hospital gown) T=Taysha Me=Me 

T; "Hello?"

Me; "Hey, can you and the girls meet me at the hospital?" 


Me; "Yes im fine the baby is fine, ill explain when you guys get here."

T; "ok, ill be there in 15mins."

Me; "Ok. Bye, i love you."

T; "i love you too boo!"


I called Haley next, then Rachel, then Lily. All the covos were the same as the first one. Harry said all his friends would be here in 30-45mins. I asked why they would all be so long. "I dont know, i think Liam said they were all together but they were a bit of a drive away." Harry said.  "Oh, ok. Thats fine, my friends will be here i-" I was cut off by 4 screaming girls bursting into the room. They were all saying different things while crowding around the bed. I couldnt hear myself think. "SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!" I yelled. The room fell silent. "Good, thank you." Haley looked the most worried of all. Her blonde hair was half straight half curly, her blue eyes were huge in worry, her belt with a HUGE buckle had missed a loop in her jeans. "Haley, you can say something, i know your about to burst." I said calmly. "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!!! I was only half way done getting ready but i got in the car as SOON as i heard hospital!! Thank God everything is ok!!!" She ran up to me and my face was barried in her camo T-shirt. I could hear the spurs on her cowgirl boots click when she ran to me. Typical redneck Haley. Her figure was curvy, but she was much thinner and taller than me . All my white girls were, haha, except Taysha. Me and her looked a lot alike, except she was taller and had very wild curly brown hair, she also had some blonde pieces. Tayshas eyes were more almond shape than my round ones, but we both had deep brown eyes. Our skin tone was very similar but i was a little lighter than her. We were both mixed with black, white, and hispanic. We were both much curvier than the others, meaning we had bigger butts and wider hips. I was "thicker" as some people say, but i just say fat. They all yell at me for it including Harry. "Yes everything is fine, we just had a scare this morning." I said, but it was kinda muffled into her shirt. Haley finally released her cowgirl death-hold, Taysha spoke next. "I was 'bout to cry when you said hospital!! You scared the hell out of me you bitch!!" she said laughing. I laughed too because Tayshas ghetto talk was so funny. "I THOUGHT SOMEONE DIED!!!!!!" Rachel screamed. "I ALMOST DIED MYSELF WHEN YOU SAID TO MEET YOU HERE!!!!!!" she yelled again. "Rachel!!" i said half whisper yelling. "WHAT???"  "inside voice please..." i said calmly. "OH! SOR-" I cut her off. "SHHHHHH!" "oh, sorry!!" she whispered. Oh Rachel, so loud 24/7. Rachel was also thinner and taller than me. But she was a tad shorter than Haley. Rachel had her longish brown hair down in its natural form. Which was slightly wavy. She had suttle caramel highlights, she had tan freckles that covered her face. She had beautiful hazel eyes.  She was wearing a little flower sun dress with green and pink flowers. She was wearing green sandle heels. Lily was at the foot of my bed, staring at me with her big blue eyes and her head resting on her fists as she was half way bend over. She stood up straight quickly when i looked at her. "My turn?" She said while cocking her head to the side and grinning at me. She squinted her eyes slightly waiting for my response. I couldnt help but giggle while i answered. "Yes Lily, your turn. " i said while smiling back at her mocking her face. "YAY!" she squealed. She ran over and hugged me tightly. I was suffocated by her giant boobies. All my girls were beautifully shaped, but me and Lily had tromped the other girls boobs. We were both Double-Ds. But Lily was also the thinnest of all of us, which i always envied her for having such a small waist and huge boobs. She had blonde hair too, but she had brown underneath. She also had tan freckles that filled her cheeks. She was almost like a mixture of Haley and Rachel. "Ugh! Boobs, Lily!!" "Oh! Sorry!! Hahaha. I got so worried. Dont scare me like that ever again Jayda!" Lily said. We had all started talking about how the baby was growing. Then Haley asked me "Do you know the gender yet?!" I looked at the rest of them, and we all facepalmed at the same time, except Haley and Rachel. "What?" they both said at once. "The baby is the size of a potato Haley, we wont be able to tell for like two months." I said. "Ohhhhhhhh!" Haley said, " Pshhhh I knew that!" Rachel said sarcastically. We all laughed. Harry was just sitting there watching me the whole time from the corner of the room. "Hey guys," i said interrupting the conversation. "What?" the all said at once. "Did you say hi to Harry?" They all looked back as i gestured in his direction. "Oh hey Harry!" Haley squeaked. "Heeeeeyyyyyy Harrrrryyyyyy" Rachel said sarcastically. "How you doin'?" Lily said in a ghetto voice. Taysha stood up and hugged  Harry tightly, which surprised him and me. Taysha always told me to be cautious with Harry. "Thank you for taking care of Jayda like you do." she said in the most serious voice iv ever heard leave Tayshas mouth. We all just looked at her. She turned around and looked at us like we were crazy. "What are y'all Lookin' at??" She said acting like her ghetto self again. Nobody could respond because the boys burst into the room in that moment. Pure silence swept over my friends and Harrys friends as the 8 of them locked eyes with each other. Lily with Zayn, Taysha with Louis, Haley with Niall, and Rachel with Liam... I felt a smirk cross my face as i looked to Harry. Who had the same smirk on his face. We were thinking the same thing... 



YAAYYYY whats going to happen next????? who knos! u have to stay updated to find out! i love u my babies ;* <3333

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