The First Time

What do you want your first time to be like? Long lasting and savouring? or Fast and furious? Its up to you and that special person. But remember, it only takes one time....


3. Symptoms...


Hello my loveliess! I decided to update for valentines day! hope you had agreat love filled day and i hope your enjoying the story!!



**2 Months  Later**

Ever since that day in the restaurant, things have been crazy! Ive had all these outbursts, i cry about everything, and i cant forget the uncontrolable cravings. Last week, i made Harry get out of bed at 3am just to go  out and buy some bananas and whipped cream. i dont even like bananas all that much! But htis must suck even worse for Harry. My moods make him moody as well. But he never takes it out on me. I dont know what i would do without Harry. My parents are coming home in 2 weeks. We decided we would tell them in public to ease the yelling... for a period of time anyway... My cousin/bestfriend Taysha, and my 3 closest friends Lily, Haley, and Rachel are the only ones who know about the pregnancy except for me and Harry. They are all so supportive and they are always here for me! Harry is planning on telling his 4 closest friends soon as well. I dont know hifriends well, we all met up once or twice at the begining of Harry and I's relationship. Louis, Liam, Zayn, and.... Niall i think? they were all nice boys. Polite and soo funny. We are all metting up at Nandos tomorrow to discuss everything more. (By us i mean my friends and Harrys.) The doctor has been saying im growing perfectly. i havnt gotten much bigger. Not to a degree  where people could tell i was pregnant yet though. "Harry?" "Yes love?" "Do i irrtate you?" "What?? Why would you ask such a silly question? Of course not!" "Oh, ok. I just asked because i know the way i have been acting lately is affecting you. and im sorry..." "Dont be sorry. I know its the horomons talking and not you." "I love you Harry!" "I love you more!" I jumped on his lap and kissed him. He held me bridal style before he laid down, me still on top of him. My back was against his chest. He put his hands on my belly, and the moment he did i felt the first real movement of my baby ever. Harry didnt feel it though. im not far enough along for other people to be able to feel the baby kick. Harry started to sing softly and the baby moved more, almost as though it was trying to get comfterable to listen better. As Harry sang in his angel-like voice, I drifted off to sleep, dreaming about Harry holding the baby and singing to it. It was the most peaceful dream i ever had. 


Well thats all for today. i hope you like it!! comment, favorite, and kik me or email me! JaydaBug7 kik email Happy Valentines Day<333

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