The First Time

What do you want your first time to be like? Long lasting and savouring? or Fast and furious? Its up to you and that special person. But remember, it only takes one time....


7. Love at First Sight

Liam was the first to speak of the boys. ".... Hi.." Rachel responded by smiling very flirtatiously and saying "Hi there. I'm Rachel!" "Liam!" He responded taking Rachel's hand and kissing it. Rachel giggled. Louis was looking Taysha up and down until he liked eyes with her again. "Hi, I'm Louis! You are one good looking girl!" He walked behind Taysha and smacked her ass. "And your bum is as sexy as mine! And that's pretty damn sexy!" Louis said sassily. I started to laugh hysterically. Taysha just laughed and said "Thank you. I'm Taysha." "Mmmmhmmm. I'll be remembering that bum. I mean name!" Louis said with a wink. Lily was tracing over Zayn's neck tattoo and said "I like your tattoos. I'm Lily btw." "Thanks, how do you feel about bad boys, Lily?" Zayn said suductively.  "I love bad boys." Lily almost whispered right next to Zayn's ear. His eyes rolled back for just a second before remembering we were in a hospital room. "Hi I'm Haley!" Haley half yelled putting her hand out to Niall, who was turning red in the face. "N-Niall." He said nervously in a thick irish accent while taking her hand to his lips. "Hehe. Nice to meet you!" She said a bit softer. Then she blurted out "Im hungry! How long is it until we can eat?!" Niall immediately perked up and chimed in. "Me too! I'm starving!" "Niall you just ate an hour ago." Liam said in a very fatherly tone. "So?! That's a long time! And all this baby excitement is energy consuming!" Then a worry took over Liam who ran to my side and grabbed my hand. "OH MY GOSH! How are you Jayda?!? Is the baby ok!? I'm so sorry we forgot! Boys what is wrong with you?!?" He said. "Liam! I'm fine, the baby is fine. Everything is perfectly fine." I said calming him. "But Harry sounded so worried on the phone and-" I cut him off. "Liam!" He stopped and looked at me. "It was a false alarm ok? We are all ok." "Ok. Thank God!" He said relieved. "I'm bord!" Louis yelled sounding like a 5 year old. "Hush Louis!" Zayn snapped. Harry came over to me and kissed me out of nowhere. "What was that for, Styles?" I said giggling. "I just wanted you to smile." He said sweetly in that beautiful voice. Everyone in the room "awwwwwed" I blushed and smiled. "Are we gonna eat or what!?" Niall yelled impatiently. "Guys, just give me a minute to talk to the doctors ok? I'll be ready to go in a little bit. Go out to the waiting room." Louis smirked. "Louis, do NOT scare the children in the waiting room." Harry said. "Awwwww! Your no fun Hazza!" He said while pouting and crossing his arms. I laughed to myself. Everyone but Harry left the room, except for Rachel who decided to stay behind a moment and blurt out "No sucking face in here! You could go into early labor!" Then walked out. I could here all the others burst in a chorus of laughter. "Wow. Rachel and her loud mouth." I said looking at Harry. The doctor came in and said I could got out for the day, but I had to come back and sleep here. I agreed to be back by 10:30 at the latest. It was 3:00 now. Plenty of time to watch the new romances blossom. I walked out to the waiting room and Louis was arguing with a 10 year old over who could be the king of the castle. Taysha was watching intently while laughing her head off. Lily was sitting on Zayn's lap and whispering something in his ear. I kept my eye on Zayn's hand which was laid on Lily's thigh. I peaked over at Rachel and Liam who were sitting on a love seat. Rachel had her hand on Liam's hand, and they were having a conversation. Not sure what about but Rachel was laughing like an idiot about something. I heard Niall and Haley talking about, that's right. Food. Thin mints and Nandos were the main subjects. Harry yelled to them that we were ready to go. Taysha had to pull Louis away from the 10 year old because they were having a sticking your tongue out contest. "Finally! Now we can eat!" Haley and Niall both said. The couples walked out arm in arm. Except Louis and Taysha. Louis's hand was on Taysha's butt. Taysha didn't care. She liked it. Harry and I were behind them all and we laughed to ourselves at the
Sight of our friends hooking up. We all got in our own cars. Since that's how we came. We met up again at Nandos. That's when things really got fun.




Ok guys. So ik I haven't updated in ages and I'm really sorry! But I hope u like the new chapter! I need some new characters. If u wanna be in it just comment and I'll let u kno. Thanks my lovelies! Xxx

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