The First Time

What do you want your first time to be like? Long lasting and savouring? or Fast and furious? Its up to you and that special person. But remember, it only takes one time....


4. Here we go!

hey guys!! im so sorry i haven't updated in a long time, ive been really busy!! i hope u all love my story so far! and im happy with my 72 reads ha ha, im a loser xD anyway.. here it is! i love u guys!!!




I woke up around 11:30pm. Harry was no longer under me, but i was still on the couch with a blanket over me. I then realized was blazing hot and sweating. (another symptom of being pregnant) I kicked  off the blanket and sat up. The room was dark and the house was quiet. I swung my feet to the floor and pulled them back up in fright after hearing a loud grunt/groan. "UGH!!" Harry balled up in pain on the floor next to me. "Oh my gosh!! Baby im so sorry!!" I said while getting on my knees next to him. "Its ok.. You didn't know i was there..." Harry said while still catching his breath. He rolled onto his back after a moment and stared into my eyes smiling. I looked down at him staring back into the most amazingly green eyes ive ever seen. They are just beautiful. I leaned down and kissed his forehead. I tried to sit back up but Harry grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me back down into a very passionate kiss. I laid on top of him, kissing him, and just enjoying this romantic moment. I pulled away for air, Harry started to take my shirt off. I hesitated for a moment. "Whats wrong babe?" Harry said noticing my hesitation. "Nothing.. its just.. Did the doctor say anything about sex while pregnant?" I said kind of worried. We haven't been having sex since we found out i was pregnant, it just hasn't been on ours minds with all the stress. "Ummm... I think he said it was fine, as long as we arnt doing it all the time." Harry said. Now that he had said that i did remember the doctor saying that. "Oh yeah!" I said while laughing like an idiot. Harry lifted me up and over his shoulder. I started squealing and giggling. He took me to his room and laid me on is bed., then he hovered over me smiling wildly. Showing off those super sweet yet terribly sexy dimples. "Now.. Where were we my lovely??" He said sarcastically. "Hmmmm... I don't quite remember.." I said teasingly. "I think we left off with this..." He said while taking off my shirt. I giggle quietly. "Ohhhhhh! I remember now!" I said sarcastically. Harry chuckled, his deep voice turned me on so much in that moment. I pulled is face closer to mine and kissed him ever so lightly. Just to tease even more. "Baaabbbeee, don't play with me like that!" He said pretending to whine. I didnt even speak. I just simply took off his shirt and pants so he was now only in boxers. "Thats more like it." He said. I laughed at his remark. He took off my pants too, now we both are laying in his bed, in our underwear, making out. at this point Harry has once again pulled me on top. So  he wont hurt the baby. I dont really care but still. Harry is so hard right now, i can feel his bulge on the inside of my thigh. I rub my leg against it, teasing him and making him moan. He puts his hand on his pants and groans in a wince of pain. "Baby, Im so hard it hurts! Please let me in.." I laughed once again and let Harry take off my bra and panties. He took off his boxers and was in me seconds later. I was moaning loudly, Harry was going fast. I wasnt even breathing properly. Our breathing was short and heavy. "Uh uh uh..." It was so long since i had felt this good, three months of no sex is agonizing. "Shit, oh god Harry.. I forgot how big you are!" I scream/moaned. "You feel so good baby, and tight!" He said. I could feel my orgasm coming very close... and when Harry twitched inside me, at the same time we hit our highs and rode them out. We stopped after that. Just laying in the perfect silence in his room. It was about 1:30am. We had a big day tomorrow and now we were both tired. Harry kissed my cheek. "I love you baby. Goodnight." He said. "I love you too Harry. More than you could ever imagine. Goodnight." We both drifted off to sleep. The next morning was great... Until i went to the bathroom and saw that  i was bleeding... 





CLIFFHANGER!!! sorry loves to leave u like tht! i have a long day tomorrow. so goodnight! ill try to update tomorrow after skool, love u babies :* <3333

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