The First Time

What do you want your first time to be like? Long lasting and savouring? or Fast and furious? Its up to you and that special person. But remember, it only takes one time....


1. The First Time and The New Life

Tonight is your first time in bed with Harry. Or anyone for that matter. He says everything will be perfect. And you hope he is right. When you come home, rose petals lead into your bedroom. You follow the trail and find Harry, shirtless, on the bed with a  whipped cream can and chocolate covered strawberries. You join him on the bed and about 30 minutes later your both in nothing but underwear and Harry id licking whipped cream from your body. Your tingling in delight. He takes of your bra and sucks on your nipples. He starts to take off your panties, but stops because he can see your nervous face. He says "If you want to stop at any point just tell me. Ok baby? And i want you to remeber i would never hurt you or do you wrong. I promise." You smile and tell him "I love you, im ready for this." So he takes off your panties, you bring his lips to yours and you can feel him getting aroused. He takes off his underwear and enters you. You let out a little moan. He pulls out a little and goes back in. You start slow but as time goes on, Harry speeds up. You find yourself moaning louder and saying his name. "Oh Harry," And you hear him saying yours, "Jayda". You all the sudden feel something, your about to cum. "H-Harry, i can feel it, im close," "Hold it till the last second, Im close too." he says. You both moan louder amd shorter. Then in an instant, you both cum at once. Panting and out of breath and sweating, Harry lays down next to you. "That was the most amazing thing in my life." He says. You fall asleep on his chest, listening to the soothing sound of his heartbeat. After that night, the next 10 weeks were even better than before. But something is wrong. You havnt gotten your period. You tell Harry and you both agree to go to the doctor to be tested. While awaiting the results you look at Harry and say "What are we going to do if im pregnant?!? My parents are still on vacation and i dont know what they will do when they find out! Im only 16, Harry!" He looks you in the eyes and says, "Baby, i will never leave your side! We are in this together until the end. No matter what happens." The doctor comes in. "Hello doctor," you say. "Hello," he says. "And congradulations on your baby!" You look at Harry and cant do anything else.

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