Love story

A girl and a boy is fell in love. They meet for the first time at beach. I am no good at making romance story but I am try my best.


1. First time

It's was very hot day and lots of people arrive at beach to cool themself. There are a girl walked herself. She wear shirt and short and her brown hair was ponytail. Her name is Sarsh. She love summertime and she hope she meet a fit boy at beach. But she went to a cafe called Blue Sea and sit at table, wait there until a boy arrive, then sit with Sarsh.

"Oh, hello.", Sarsh said.

"Hey, my name is Niall. What is your name, beautiful?", he said. Sarsh was smiled at Niall.

"Sarsh. Are you live here?", she asked.

"No, I am on hoilday with my four best friends. They got girlfriends but I got none. What about you?", Niall said.

"I live here and I don't got boyfriend.", she said.

After they talked, they left cafe and walked to home.

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