Summer Love

18 year old Nikki couldn't wait to go to London for the summer. But what happens when she meets her favorite band and one of the guys fall for her? (its my first movella so sorry if its bad)


4. This is gonna be a great summer

Nikki's pov:

I finally got to my grandparents apartment. Wow I haven't been here since my grandparents died when I was about 12. I unsettled and put everything in my room and decided to call my mom. "Hey mom!" I said in a great tone. "Someone sounds happy haha." Well know duh" I said in a sarcastic tone. "Hows London so far, meet any cute boys?" She said laughing. "Well I haven't had time yet, duh." "Okay then I should get off to let sleep, so you can explore tomorrow. I'll talk to you later." she said then hanged up. I decided I'll unpack after a little bit of sleep, since it was 3am here.


ding ding ding, my alarm clock set on my phone woke me up around 11am. I was still kind of tired so I just layed in my bed and looked on my phone for a bit.


When I finally dragged myself out of bed I took a shower. I put on some blue shorts and my Keep Calm And Love One Direction shirt and put my hair in a messy bun and then I unpacked the rest of my things. When I finished I decided to go out and get something to eat. I got my map and started to head to Nandos since that was Niall's favorite restaurant and I wanted to try it since they didn't have one back in America. When I got outside a fresh breeze of air came towards me, it was lovely weather, warm but with a little breeze of wind. I took my map out and looked over it, I knew it was gonna take me awhile since I sucked at reading maps, but it showed it wasn't that far away so I started walking and soon enough and saw Nandos right in front of me. I just knew this was gonna be a great summer. I pushed open the door and suddenly saw him. I couldn't believe my eyes


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