Summer Love

18 year old Nikki couldn't wait to go to London for the summer. But what happens when she meets her favorite band and one of the guys fall for her? (its my first movella so sorry if its bad)


6. oops

Nikki's pov:

As I was getting out of the restaurant I decided that I would take a walk around to site see and tour a bit. Suddenly my phone started to go off. It was my bestfriends Cassie. "Hey Cassie!" Hows London?" "Honestly its great Cas. For one its beautiful out her and ok prepare yourself for this! I met Niall Horan!" I said in excitement. "Really?!?! Wow you're so lucky! I wish I could be there! Ugh you're so lucky! So how was it? Was is love at first sight?" She said laughing. "Haha, very funny. Cas, Why did you even call in the first place?" I asked getting annoyed. "I don't know. I can't check up on my bestfriend?" "okok I'm sorry. So hows things back home?" "Boring as usual. Hey look I have to go but call me whenever you can." Ok Cas, talk to you later." After Cassie and I finished are conversation I decided to walk around some more. "Wow Liverpool was so different from Chicago. I was kinda glad I didn't see any McDonalds around or a Starbucks at every corner. After a Bit of sight seeing it started to get dark already. "Wow I've been walking around for hours." I said to myself. I decided to stop into this cute little Italian restaurant.


After I finished eating I decided just to go back to the apartment since meeting Niall Horan and walking on my feet for hours was exciting for one day.

Niall pov:

I couldn't stop thinking about that girl I met earlier, Nikki. I really liked the name Nikki for some reason, I have no idea why. When I got back to the flat after the meeting I didn't really feeling like talking to the boys because I was to occupied on Nikki. When I got to my room I just started playing my guitar until Liam cam in. "Hey mate. You seemed different and the meeting and you didn't really talk to anyone today. Everything alright?" He asked. "Yeah. Well no. I mean its nothing bad. Its just I met this girl at Nandos today. Her name is Nikki." I said with a smile. "Well did you get her number." I'm not going to ask a girl I just met for her number?" i said laughing. "Well is she a one direction fan?" Liam asked. "Yeah but she didn't freak like all the other girls do. I'm telling her she's special. Oops I guess I should of gotten her number. Well its to late now." "You know what Niall, I'm going to help you find her tomorrow." "Why? She's probably just another pretty face." I said. "Honestly Niall I have never seen you like this." "Like what?" "In love."


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