Summer Love

18 year old Nikki couldn't wait to go to London for the summer. But what happens when she meets her favorite band and one of the guys fall for her? (its my first movella so sorry if its bad)


2. Goodbye Chicago

Nikki's POV

After I packed I went straight to bed. It all was to much to handle in just one day. Plus the sooner I went to sleep the sooner I will get up and then leave for me wonderful summer in London.


When I got up the sun was out and the birds were chirping, which always bothers me. But not today. Today everything made me happy. After my shower I changed into my hot pink shorts and my plain white t-shirt. Then picked up both of my suitcases and went downstairs and put them by the door. I walked in the Kitchen and saw my mom cooking bacon and making some pancakes to eat before I leave "I still can not thank you again mom." "Don't worry about it hun, like I said its your graduation present. If only your dad was here to see how much you've grown. He would of been proud." A big smile came to my face. I always wished my dad can see how much I've grown since he died. I never really told anyone he died, only because its hard for me to open up to people. I flashed back to reality and sat down at the kitchen table were my mom gave me some bacon and pancakes. "I am gonna miss your delicious cooking when I'm in London mom." I said to her with my mouth full and she just laughed at me. When I finished eating we put everything away and got on our coats and carried my luggage to the car and we drove to the airport. During the whole car ride I kept smiling and thanking my mom and she just kept laughing. When we got there mom helped me with all my luggage through security and baggage claim, customs and all that stuff. "Be good okay Nikki." she told me as we got to our gate. "Of course mom." I said well hugging her. "I'll call you when I get there." I yelled behind me. Okay dear." she said as the door closed. "Hello London, goodbye Chicago." I murmured to myself on my way to the plane.

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