Summer Love

18 year old Nikki couldn't wait to go to London for the summer. But what happens when she meets her favorite band and one of the guys fall for her? (its my first movella so sorry if its bad)


7. Bumping into you

Niall P.O.V

After Liam left I started to think. Was Liam right? Was I in love with her? Wait no what Am I thinking. Of course I'm not in love with her! I just met her. Or am I?  "I need sleep." I said to myself. I decided to call it a early night. But it ended up backfiring because I couldn't stop thinking about Nikki. Then around midnight I finally fell into a deep sleep


The smell of Bacon and scrambled eggs made me jump up from my bed. I took a quick shower and then put on my blue jeans and grey sweater. I ran downstairs and I saw Harry making some food with Liam and Louis sitting by the table waiting. I knew Zayn was still sleeping. I decided to sit by Liam and Louis and wait with them for the food. "Morning Niall!" Louis said with tons of energy already in him. "Mornin." I said well chuckling. "So Niall did you think about what I told you last night?" Liam asked. "Which was?" Harry asked well putting the food on the table and sitting in the chair next to me well everyone else including me dug in. "Well Apparently, Niall is in love with this girl he just met name Nikki." Liam blurted out well eating. "I AM NOT!" I yelled all red and standing up with bacon in my mouth. "Whats all this ruckus?" Zayn said well walking in and rubbing his eyes. "Nialls in love!" Louis and Harry shouted at the same time. "Aw cute little Niall in love." Zayn said pinching my cheeks. With that I stormed out. I Wasn't in love. I know I wasn't. I knew I had to get out of there so I decided to make a day of roaming the streets.


Nikki's P.O.V

'And let me Kiss You' is what I woke up to from my alarm clock. After I got up I decided to take a shower. After my shower I put on a teal see through shirt with a white tank top under with black jean shorts. I put on a bit of mascara and put my hair up. "Hmm what should I do?" I said to myself well sitting on the couch. After thinking for a few minutes I still had no idea. It looked like a nice day out so I decided to take a walk and maybe get something to eat and groceries for the apartment. So I put my flip flops out and headed out the door. When I got outside it was beautiful. Clear blue skies. Warm but with a slight breeze not making it to hot. I wasn't hungry yet so I decided to walk around for a bit. I started to walk and then I noticed a little park so I decided to take a little walk in there just to waste time and to built up a appetite. When I got to the park I saw a blonde guy sitting on the bench. He looked really familiar. I started to walk forward and he looked at me. "Nikki?!" he asked. "Ni-Niall?" I said nervous. "Funny how I bumped into you. Never thought I see you again to be honest." He said. "You too." "So What brings you to the park?" he asked trying to start a conversation. "Oh, just wanted to get out of my apartment." "Ah." he said. After that it was awkward because it was just silent and we were staring at each other. But I didn't mind I could stare into his eyes all day, and I'm pretty sure he was staring in mine. Which I also didn't mind. "So." He finally said after awhile. "Maybe we can hang out one day." He said sounding kinda nervous. Here he said taking my phone and typing his number in. "Call me when you want to hang." He said with the cutest smile on his face. He started to turn around. "Wait! I'm hungry and I wanna go shopping but I don't know were the good places are. Maybe you can help me and we can get a bite to eat." I said hoping he will say yes. "I would love too! Plus I never miss a offer up that involves food." He said in excitement. "Where do you thing you're going?" Niall asked well I was turning around. I was really confused. "It's this way silly." He said well grabbing my hand and walking. Thank god I bumped into him again.

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