Summer Love

18 year old Nikki couldn't wait to go to London for the summer. But what happens when she meets her favorite band and one of the guys fall for her? (its my first movella so sorry if its bad)


1. News

Nikki's POV

I woke up to my mother yelling at me say she has some huge news. At first I didn't really care but then I wondered maybe she got me one direction concert tickets, so I sprang out of bed and ran downstairs. "Wow, that was fast." Nikki's mom said. "Well you said you had some news and I wanted to hear it." I said. "Ok well your 18 and you just graduated so I thought.... YES MOM THANK YOU SO MUCH!" I screamed well interrupting her. "You don't even know what I did." "yeah I do mom, you got me one direction tickets." She frowned at me. "Not exactly she said." I looked down in anger and I started marching to my room. "Don't you want to hear what I did?" "unless its about one direction, I don't care." "Okay then, I guess I'll have to try and figure out what to do with this apartment in London if you don't want it. "WHAT?!" I shouted as I ran back. "Like I was saying before, since your now 18 and you finished high school, I wanted you to celebrate so as your graduation present I wanted you to stay in your grandparents old apartment in London." OH MY GOD MOM! THANK YOU SO MUCH." I yelled well hugging her. Then I went upstairs to call all my friends and tell them the amazing news. Then all these thoughts came to my mind but the biggest one of all was what is I met One Direction during the summer. This was going to be a great summer I just knew it

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