When I Kissed You Goodbye... -Harry Styles-

Well, being the girlfriend of a Teenage Heartthrob isn't always the life. In this case, Lizabeth is dating Harry Styles. Harry spoils her rotten. Though she doesn't like it. Then, she goes over the edge when Harry buys her a car. She ends up breaking up with him. Harry moves on, she doesn't. She notices very odd behavior in Hazza. Now, it's up to her to change him back.


3. The Last Straw


I walked into the kitchen. I got out the ingredients to make a good breakfast for Harry. He's doing some work today, so he needs his nutrition.  He came down a couple minutes later. "Hi baby." He said, kissing me on the cheek. 

"I'm good." I said, as I handed him his breakfast. He sat down and started eating. 

"So do you have anything planned?"

"No, not really."

"Come with me?"

"I don't want to interfere." 

"Ok. I gotta go." He said as he walked out. Then, Maribella came down. She is a 2 year old girl I'm babysitting.

"Do you need something sweety?"

"Can I gwet a jwuice box?" I went to the fridge and handed her a juice pouch. "Thwank woo!" she said as she ran off. Liam came walking in just a couple seconds later.


"No plans again?" Liam said, reading my mind.

"Yup." I said, popping the 'p'. "Marie! Do you want to go to the park?" Maribella came waddling in, nodding her head.

"Yes!" I picked her up and changed her into her little sun dress. I put some sandals on her and I picked her up. I walked to the park, since it was just a couple minutes away, seconds in a car. A car passed by and Marie got scared, so she hid her face in the crook of my neck and shoulder.  When we got to the park, she leaped off of my shoulder and ran to the baby swings. A mom came up to me.

"These kids, they can be hard."

"Yeah... though I take care of her for 6 hours. It can wear you out."

"You baby sit?"


"Would you mind babysitting for me? I'm going on a business trip in a couple days."

"I would love to!"

"Thanks, how much for an hour?"

"Umm... varying on the age."

"My daughter is 2."

"That would be 5 dollars an hour."

"That's pretty cheap."

"I don't like taking alot of money from people, it makes me feel guilty. But I will give you a discount since it's along period."

"Oh, thank you sweety! Here's my number." She said, handing me a slip. I handed her a slip with my number on it. I went over to Marie and started pushing her in the baby swing. She started Laughing and giggling. 

"Time to go home." I said after a while. We started walking home and I placed her to sleep, since it was 7:30 at night. There was a new car in the drive way I noticed. Probably a friend.I walked in and saw no one new except Josh, but that was NOT his car. "Harry, whose car is in the driveway?"


"I don't have a car!"

"Now you do."

"Harry! I don't like you spending money on me!"


"You know what? We're done. You will eventually spend all your money on me, and go broke. I don't want that." I said as I stormed off, leaving Harry in a shocked state.


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