When I Kissed You Goodbye... -Harry Styles-

Well, being the girlfriend of a Teenage Heartthrob isn't always the life. In this case, Lizabeth is dating Harry Styles. Harry spoils her rotten. Though she doesn't like it. Then, she goes over the edge when Harry buys her a car. She ends up breaking up with him. Harry moves on, she doesn't. She notices very odd behavior in Hazza. Now, it's up to her to change him back.


2. Meet Her.


Hi. My name's Lizbeth, but you may know me as Liza. I date the Harry Styles. We met the summer of '09. I don't have the bangs anymore... My favorite color is a mint green color. My best friend is Louis Tomlinson. We're prank buddies. "YEAH BUDDY!" Anywho, Niall is my eating buddy, and honestly, I eat more than him. I'm one of those people who eat and never get fat. I'm not bullied, I don't cut. I speak Korean, Japanese, Chinese, British English, English, Australian English, Italian, & Spanish. I'm very fluent in all those languages. So when Niall and I talk, we speak Spanish so we can confuse the boys. I am 18 years old, turning 19 on May 8th. I'm a couple months younger than Harry. I think that's all you need to know.

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