When I Kissed You Goodbye... -Harry Styles-

Well, being the girlfriend of a Teenage Heartthrob isn't always the life. In this case, Lizabeth is dating Harry Styles. Harry spoils her rotten. Though she doesn't like it. Then, she goes over the edge when Harry buys her a car. She ends up breaking up with him. Harry moves on, she doesn't. She notices very odd behavior in Hazza. Now, it's up to her to change him back.


1. Prologue


"Come with me" Hazza said, leading me. He just blindfolded me for a present. He lead me on what sounded like a dock. He pulled the blindfold off and what I saw amazed me. He got me a boat ride."


"Harry, this is great but this is too much of a cost!" I breathed, still taking in the scenery.


"Only for my girl." He said, turning me around so I was face-to-face with him. "Only for my girl." I hugged him and got on the boat. We both started rowing until It started raining.




"Umm... NO! NO I DIDN'T" I groaned, knowing I was going to get sick.


"THIS IS GREAT!" I yelled as we were docking.

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