Doubting Thomas

I wrote this story when I was 11 years old, and it is aimed at readers of about a similar age and younger.
It is quite a short story, telling the tale of a turtle who is told to follow the path to his future. The turtle makes his way across the sea, encountering many other ocean creatures while doing so. What he doesn't realise is that each of these creatures are vital to his future...


3. Stripes and ships

I spent a few more minutes just hovering on the spot.

I ducked my head underneath the water's edge to look around and see where I was. Displayed in front of me was a stunning coral reef. Pallets of mesmerizing colours of all kinds mixed and matched together to create a truly charming picture. The seaweed waved and swayed in time with the sea's current. Schools of rainbow coloured fish zig-zagged in and out of the flower corals and luscious seaweed.

Then up from the coral reef, swam an adorable little clownfish.

"Hello tiny turtle," the orange and white striped fish said. "I'm called Carrie. You look like you're in need of a joke! Here goes: Where do fish keep their money? IN a river-bank!"

I giggled a little, then replied, "You're funny, Carrie. Do you have any more jokes?"

"I have plenty more," Carrie countered. "But I have to get going now. I might be late for the joke competition I am attending later today. Bye!"

And off she swam.

And off I swam, still balancing on the helpful floats Sammy gave me. Amusement from the joke began to fade as I started to doubt myself - would I ever discover this path to my future? It certainly seemed unlikely.

I popped my head up above the water and smelt the sweet, fresh air. Only thirty metres or so away, I spotted a massive, brown ship approaching me. The boat's white sails flapped wildly in the breezy wind. As it drew nearer and nearer, I could hear shouting voices coming from these tall, peach coloured things wearing dark material over their bodies. I later found out that these are called Human Beings. I lowered my head, as I didn't want to get squished by this gigantic wooden vehicle. At that moment, the floating bubbles beneath me burst! A scattering of silver dust left behind by the bubbles disappeared down...


                                                                                down to an unknown place underwater. I started sinking...


                                                                  sinking to another unknown place. I landed in a dreadfully murky part of the ocean. There was a sinister atmosphere all around, and I think I got a glimpse of a great white shark lurking about in the distance. I turned around to see what else there was to see, when I saw an enormous shipwreck, dilapitated and ruined, resting on the ocean's floor. The body of the ship looked like the skeleton of a ship, and the whole ominous setting made a shiver go down my shell. I popped my head into one of the small holes in the ruin - oh, and what a fright I got!


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