Doubting Thomas

I wrote this story when I was 11 years old, and it is aimed at readers of about a similar age and younger.
It is quite a short story, telling the tale of a turtle who is told to follow the path to his future. The turtle makes his way across the sea, encountering many other ocean creatures while doing so. What he doesn't realise is that each of these creatures are vital to his future...


4. Getting out and finding out

A beastly, hideous spider crab was crouching in the the baleful wreck! I wondered how long he had been there, then I wondered how long the wreck had been there - months, maybe even years...

"Get out of here!" the spider crab  snapped, furiously. "This is my home and no one comes in without my permission. And no, you do not have my permission. Besides, I like to eat little turtles like YOURSELF! So I suggest you leave!"

And with that, I did leave. Well, at least I tried to. I scrambled over the jagged rocks that surrounded me, but only managed to travel two yards. When I was about to change direction, a pretty starfish that lay on one of the rocks caught my attention.

"I cannot swim," I grumbled dolefully to her. "A seahorse, called Sammy, told me to follow the path to my future, but I have no idea what that means. Where should I go? What should I do?"

"Well," the starfish replied. "You have already travelled through the path to your future, you just didn't realise. You have met a dolphin who said the word BELIEVE to you with emphasis. You have also met an amusing clownfish who told you a joke with the word IN in it, which was also said with accent. And then you met a creepy spider crab who said the word YOURSELF which was also highlighted. Put them all together and what do you get?"


And from then on, I did believe in myself, and I was the most confident turtle swimmer out of all my brothers and sisters.

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