Doubting Thomas

I wrote this story when I was 11 years old, and it is aimed at readers of about a similar age and younger.
It is quite a short story, telling the tale of a turtle who is told to follow the path to his future. The turtle makes his way across the sea, encountering many other ocean creatures while doing so. What he doesn't realise is that each of these creatures are vital to his future...


2. Floating bubbles

I finally made it into the sea. Just then, my legs failed me and I could no longer feel the surface of the sand. My heart skipped a beat as my body plummeted down...



                                                                                               to the bottom of the deep blue sea. I couldn't swim! Just as all seemed lost, a rainbow coloured bubble appeared all around me and I stopped falling, and started rising...



                                                                             up to the water's surface. Then a beautiful, golden seahorse emerged from the water too, holding four transparent bubbles on the tips of her fins. The faint glow around the seahorse made me feel protected and calm.

"I am Sammy, Seahorse of Wisdom. Place your flippers over these floating bubbles for the time being, young Thomas," the considerate animal stated. "But after a while the bubbles will burst, and you will no longer have anything to depend on. So follow the path to your future , and find a new way to swim."

And with that he vanished into thin water, leaving behind the floating bubbles as well as a cloud of silver dust. I was thankful that Sammy had given me something to float on, but what did he mean by, "follow the path to your future"? I jumped onto the floats, expecting them for a moment to burst, then blew bubbles out of my mouth in relief. I was contented with the results - I could float without sinking!

Then, without any warning, a grey bottlenose dolphin leaped past me, then splashed into the sea. Then up she hurdled again and again and again. Maybe this was the path to my future? Before I could think about anything more, I found myself turtle-paddling after her. She must have heard my constant splattering because after a few minutes she turned to face me, annoyance written all over her face.

"I'm not in the mood for a game of tig and tag, tiny turtle," she squeaked angrily. "I'm in the middle of a V.I.R. - very important race - against my troublesome cousin, Daniel, and if I don't win, I have to pay him ten whole buckets of my favourite fish, mackerel! And I BELIEVE I can win, so if you'll excuse me!"

And off she raced.


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