Doubting Thomas

I wrote this story when I was 11 years old, and it is aimed at readers of about a similar age and younger.
It is quite a short story, telling the tale of a turtle who is told to follow the path to his future. The turtle makes his way across the sea, encountering many other ocean creatures while doing so. What he doesn't realise is that each of these creatures are vital to his future...


1. An amazing sight

The first ever movement I remember completing, was struggling on my tiny back, trying to get upright and out of this hollow shell that surrounded me. When I finally made it out of the concave shield, an amazing sight filled my eyes:

In front of me, an everlasting mass of sapphire waves splashed around in every direction, interlocking and rolling into more sheets of water. Bubbles of foam appeared as the waves creeped up the shore. It looked like thousands of white horses charging out of the waves. A resounding cacophony of splashing filled my little ears. A "Shhhhh" chant emmitted from the marine, almost ordering the world to keep silent. As the waves reached the horizon the colours of a peacock's tail filled the sky. It was a stunning sight, really, it was.

After ten minutes or so of scanning the view, I scurried down the grainy, golden sand to where the silky foam rested for a matter of seconds, before it made its way back to the deeper areas. I saw that lots of other animals like me were clambering into the aquatic.

"It's the sea," whispered one of the animals to me, who I later found out was one of my brothers called Tony. "And we are 'turtles'. That hermit crab over there told me."

Then another 'turtle' scrambled over to me and announced, "My name is Tessa. We are allowed to choose our own names. What do you want to be called?"

I thought about it for a while then replied, "Tom."

"That name is already taken, I'm afraid," my sister told me.


"That's good."

So Thomas it was.


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