I'll fix you.

Sixteen year old Hailey hears voices, and the only thing keeping her sane is nineteen year old Louis Tomlinson. What happens when Louis goes off to chase his dreams?


1. Prologue.

My hands flew to cover my ears.
"Louis, I need you!"
'End it. End it all. You're useless. No one loves you. They never will.'
I shut my eyes tightly, begging the voice in my head to go away.
It was no use.
'End it,' the voice repeated.
"No!" I screamed.
'You're ugly, and useless. You're unneeded.'
I opened my eyes, and raced to the kitchen.
I grabbed the nearest, sharpest knife that I could find.
'Good girl. Things will be so much better when you're dead.'
I took one last deep breath.
The voice had taken control.
I let the voice control my body.
My hand gripped the knife handle, pulling backward.
Then straight forward towards my stomach.
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