The worst loss-hunger games

When 16 year old Clove Sevina gets reaped to be In the 74th hunger games she meets her district partner Cato Lingsetter. But when they get thrown in the arena to brutally murder eAchother clove must choose between district honor, life and love.


2. The first loss

I push open the door to my sisters room. Wishing I could let her sleep all day. Her first reaping has to be terrifying. I pull back her covers and gently nudge her. When she doesn't move I nudge her harder "Celestia" I yell I shake her but she doesn't wake. I shake her as hard as I can. "No" I say "no no no Celestia wake up." I lay down on the floor next to her lifeless body and weep. "No" I whisper. "No" I pick her up and carry her outside I dig a hole in the ground and gently place her in it. "Good night my beautiful girl, good night my pretty young lady. When are ready to awaken I will be here my pretty girl" I sing the first few lines of her favorite lullaby. I pile the dirt back. And stand there for a moment then out of the corner of my eye I see purple. I turn and ru to a bunch of purple flowers. Tulips. Her favorite I re-plant them on top of her. And smile toward the sky. "I love you" I whisper. And I could swear the sun shined a little brighter.

Should I continue?
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