The worst loss-hunger games

When 16 year old Clove Sevina gets reaped to be In the 74th hunger games she meets her district partner Cato Lingsetter. But when they get thrown in the arena to brutally murder eAchother clove must choose between district honor, life and love.


1. Butterflies

BAM BAM I hear the clang of hammers out side my window. BAM! I close my eyes and count to ten. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.....10. I sit up. I climb out of bed and walk over to my closet flinging open the doors I stare at the few dresses I have and grab a nice purple one. I throw it across my room and onto the bed and strip off my night gown. I stand there in the middle of my room. I turn my head and catch a glimpse of something in my window through the slit in the curtains. Oh my god. Who would even look through the window like that? I move closer and I'm about to grab the curtain when I jerk back and grab a robe I wrap it around my self. I jerk the curtain back and see a mocking jay. "Stupid bird" I mutter. I grab my dress and pull it over my head then I make my way over to the vanity my mother got me before she died. I sit down at the little cushioned stool and start brushing my hair while my other hand runs over the carved flowers that frame the mirror. My mother was so sweet and vendor outs and put every body before her. I wish I was more like her. I pull back my hair and make a nice bun the pull some hair out of it and let it hang. Just the way mother taught me. I open the door of my room and walk out down the hall I turn and push open the door to my fathers room. At least he is in bed. The old drunk is hardly ever home and when he is he just hits me I have finally started going to Elise's house when he comes home. I sneak out my back window of my bed room when I hear the door. I move over towards his bed. "Wake up" I say nudging him. He sits up and glares at me with a look of hatred. His hand flys back and slaps me across the face. I feel an awful sting. "Get out" he screams. Pointing at the door. "It's reaping day" I say "and?" He says "do I look like I care?" I walk out of the room and shut the door behind me I consider getting ice for my cheek but then decide onto because I have to be to the square by 9:00 I walk down the hall and open the door to my sister's room
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