Trapped with One Direction

Hi, my name is Erin. I'm 18 years old. Everything basically sucks in my life. What I mean is I have no luck. I jus have a job and an apartment but that's it. My mom died of lung cancer and my dad died of a horrible car accident along with my 10 year old brother. Well, until now only one good thing happened to me I got One Direction backstage passes but, I never knew I would have stayed with Zayn, Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, Danillle, Eleanor longer.


6. Taylor?

Erin's P.O.V

I was crying in a corner. Everything in my life, why does have to be so terrible and devastating? WHY? Eleanor was dying in Louis's arms and Louis had a gun in his hand ad pointed to his stomach. "LOUIS!!! NOOOOOooo..." my 'no's' were fainting as Louis shot himself in the stomach...I was so done now. I saw a gun lying beside me, I grabbed it and joined the others. I pointed the gun at one of the I go Erin you can do this..I can't. How can I? But before I could shoot the gun, I looked around at others. Perrie and Danielle were holding Louis and Eleanor. Zayn was all bloody and bruised up by the beatings. Harry was fighting of a kidnapper, he face was as red as a tomato, his eyes filled with anger. I looked at Liam, he was trying to help Niall fight of a kidnapper. One question entered my mind where's Taylor?   I raised the gun and pointed it at a kidnapper but before I could shoot, I felt a body behind me. I turned around and I was shocked...Taylor was pointing a gun at me. "EVERYBODY STOP OR SHE'S DEAD!!!"


Author's Note: Guys I'm really sorry I didnt update and sorry for the short chapter. I thought no one would like this nd when I got here freakin 11 likes. THANK YOU!!! I'm also sorry for the crappy chapter. I promise I'll update everday over the march break!!!!! OMG ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!!!!!!! AWESOME SINGLE!!!!

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