Trapped with One Direction

Hi, my name is Erin. I'm 18 years old. Everything basically sucks in my life. What I mean is I have no luck. I jus have a job and an apartment but that's it. My mom died of lung cancer and my dad died of a horrible car accident along with my 10 year old brother. Well, until now only one good thing happened to me I got One Direction backstage passes but, I never knew I would have stayed with Zayn, Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, Danillle, Eleanor longer.


1. Screams?

Erin's P.O.V

I was all pumped up, finally something good was happening in my life. I was going to my favorite band's concert, One Direction but better with backstage passes. I had to look my best. I was wearing a peach tank top and white skinny jeans. I had black pencil heels. but I had no idea what to do with my hair, so I just straightened it and let it open. Just then I heard a loud scream both female and male, then I heard footsteps. I quickly went out side and opened my door. There they were, running straight for me with horrifying faces. Zayn had Perrie's hand, Liam's had Danielle's hand, Louis had Eleanor's hand, Harry had Taylor's hand and well Niall just by himself. I got scared and before I knew it they were in my apartment.

Then it hit me and we all fell unconscious and that was the last thing I remembered.

Author's Note:

Hellloooo, sorry I always exaggerate on my hello's. I hope you guys liked my movellas, or novel as I say it. I will be updating twice a week so or may be not because school starts tomorrow. But I'll try my best. I really hope you guys like this. If you have any complaints just comment below. :)

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