Trapped with One Direction

Hi, my name is Erin. I'm 18 years old. Everything basically sucks in my life. What I mean is I have no luck. I jus have a job and an apartment but that's it. My mom died of lung cancer and my dad died of a horrible car accident along with my 10 year old brother. Well, until now only one good thing happened to me I got One Direction backstage passes but, I never knew I would have stayed with Zayn, Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, Danillle, Eleanor longer.


4. Author's Note

Helllooooo, I'm sorry I won't be updating for while because my internet is down, stupid rogers :( Well, when the internet comes back I will be writing a long chapter. I bet you're wondering "What the hell? how did she post that?" Well, I went to the library to post the message, where there's internet. Well, just to keep you busy if you haven't read Only You and Fight For You by J.K Panser, well you don't know what true passion and love is. So head down and read it. I seriously finished Only You in one day!

Question: What if Liam wasn't afraid of spoons?

Proof: I saw Liam holding a pink spoon.....


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