Dance for three

Kristina Maloure's life couldn't get any better. She has a full scholarship to the best dance academy in England, her and Louis are madly in love, and her and her twin, Kristin, are closer then ever before. One fun night, one little mistake, and her whole future is crumbling at her hands. What happens when Kristina goes from a teenage dancer to teenage mum?
--One Direction is not famous--


3. The Party

I was helping Kristin zip up her blue and white sequined bandage dress that stopped right at the end of her bum. She had her hair curled, makeup done, and did her nails a dark blue with ocean blue bows. She always tried to impress Harry, but he loved her for her so I don't see why she tried so hard. I had my outfit on already- a black high low tank top with white skulls, a black moto jacket, dark wash shorts, black polka dott sheer tights, and white Converse. Nothing fancy. I had my hair in a bun, and I had a bit of makeup on. I slipped on a infinity ring, a necklace that spelled out my name, and a bracelet Louis bought me for my birthday. "Ready Kristina?" Kristin said, her perky attitude ringing through every word. "Yup," I mumbled. We grabbed our bags and headed to our cars.
--At the party--
The music was loud, the smell of sex and alcohol lingered through the air. I made my way in, trying to make a path through the crowd of people. I saw Louis, talking to Niall and Harry. I made my way over to them, and stopped by Harry. "Hey guys." I said, flashing them a smile. "Hey beautiful." Louis says. Niall and Harry waved and said hi to me, and I tugged on Harry's arm and went to Ellie's room. We shut the door behind us. "So you need to get Niall up here and I will get Ellie. Ok?" He nodded his head in agreement, and we went our separate ways. I had to go all around the house to find Ellie, and it seemed like hours before I found her. She was obviously drunk, because she was flinging her arms around attempting to dance. I grabbed her and dragged her to her bedroom. "Hahaaaaa Krissstinnaaaaaa. Whereee weee goinggg?" Ellie slurred. I opened the door and found Harry and Niall sitting on her bed. "Niall, this is Ellie. Ellie, this is Niall." Ellie walked over to Harry. "Hiii Niaaaaaall." She giggled. "No, Ellie the blonde one is Niall." I reassured her. She walked over to Niall, and they started talking. Harry and I walked out and shut the door behind us. "We did it. We got them together." Harry said. We did a fistpump and he left to find Kristin. I was skimming the room for Louis when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Hot breath with a hint of Vodka in it hit my neck, sending shivers down my spine. "Looking for me?" e.
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