Dance for three

Kristina Maloure's life couldn't get any better. She has a full scholarship to the best dance academy in England, her and Louis are madly in love, and her and her twin, Kristin, are closer then ever before. One fun night, one little mistake, and her whole future is crumbling at her hands. What happens when Kristina goes from a teenage dancer to teenage mum?
--One Direction is not famous--


2. Playing match maker

"TIME TO GET UP!" I was awakened by Louis, Niall, and Liam surrounded by me and Harry. Louis had a sleepover and invited his lads over. Harry and I, being the two who actually like sleeping in, were sprawled on the floor. "Ugh. Why can;t you guys let me sleep?" Harry complained, a bit of annoyance lingering in his voice. Louis came and crawled on top of me. "Good morning beautiful." I giggled a little bit. "Morning handsome." Louis kissed my forehead and the guys kept saying 'ew gross!' and we laughed. "Hey, you guys have girlfriends too!" Niall looked down, because he didn't have anyone. We were all sitting there when there was a ring that interupted us. I looked at my phone and saw Ellie was calling. "I gotta take this." Louis nodded and I walked into the hallway. "Hey Ellie!" "Hey Kristina.. I'm having a party tonight. Wanna come?" A smile crossed my face. If I go, maybe the lads will come and I can get Ellie and Niall together. "Sure! May I bring a few friends along? There's a boy I want you to meet." She giggled. "Is he cute." "Not as cute as Louis." I smiled. "Oh goodness, haha well sure! Bring anyone. The more the merrier." I laughed. "Well I gotta go El. See ya tonight. Bye." "Bye Kristina." I hung up and started toward the living room. "Hey guys.. my best friend Ellie is having a party tonight.. and I was wondering if you guys would like to come?" I looked at them and they all said yes. It's like they knew I was gonna ask. Liam looked at me and said, "Can I bring Dani?" "Sure! You guys can bring your girlfriends." Louis scooted over and sat behind me. "Hey Kristina.. wanna go to a party with me?" I tilted my head and smiled over his lips. "Yes." We kissed and the guys made an awww sound, "Now you guys are ok with this?" I giggled. "Pretty much." Harry said. "Well we better get ready." The boys left and it was just me, Harry, and Louis. "Hey Harry.." "Yes love?" "Do you think that Niall and Ellie would be good together?" Harry and my sister were together, so he knew who Ellie was. "Your gonna play match maker aren't you, Kristina?" I nodded my head. "Let me help."



Sorry for the short chapter. Dx

My mom was yelling at me durin the process of writing this.

But have any of you read Dark?

If you haven't.. you need to. If you want, I can put the link up or I can publish it(all credit would go to the author, who is anonymous.)

Well comment what you think! :33

I love hearin from you.

If you would like to co-author this story, please ask. I would like to have someone to help write the story,


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