Dance for three

Kristina Maloure's life couldn't get any better. She has a full scholarship to the best dance academy in England, her and Louis are madly in love, and her and her twin, Kristin, are closer then ever before. One fun night, one little mistake, and her whole future is crumbling at her hands. What happens when Kristina goes from a teenage dancer to teenage mum?
--One Direction is not famous--


1. First Day

Beep beep. Beep beep. My alarm clock rang, sending echos through my head. Ugh, it was the first day of my senior year. I yawned loudly, and dragged my restless body from beneath the heavy comforter. I walked to my bathroom, and toward my shower. I stripped out of my pajamas and threw them onto my hamper. I turned the water on, and I hopped in. "Ow." I had turned the to full blown hot. I turned the knob, making the hot water get a bit of a coldness to it. I grabbed my shampoo that smelled like vanilla and lathered my long brown locks of hair in its soapy remains. I rinsed every speck of shampoo out of my hair, and washed my body in a coconut scented liquid soap. After every soapy substance was removed from my body, I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my bare body. I dried my body off, sending cold shivers up my spine. I walked to my closet and saw an outfit laid out with a note on it. I grabbed the note and it read:

Hey babe xx

Louis loves you more then carrots (; Wear this to school today. Love youuuu!!!! -Boobear <3

I laughed at his note. He was always telling me what to wear. It's weird, but gotta give him credit because he picks out some cute outfits. I picked every piece of clothing material. It was my grey tank top with a metallic cross in the middle, some short bleached shorts with studds trimmed around the edge of the pockets, and a pair of red converse. I slipped into some lace lingerie, and put on the clothes. I wore my  'I <3 Carrots' socks that Louis bought me for my birthday. I walked to my vanity and saw another note from Boobear. It read:

Hey babe, Boobear again. (;

Don't put on makeup, your so beautiful without it. Put your hair in a french mermaid tail braid. Have Kristin do it if you can't. Love you, my carrot queen. -Louis xx

I giggled and called for my twin, Kristin. She walked in, wearing a grey shirt she probably borrowed from Harry, and some black booty shorts with a gray overlap at the waist. "Yes, carrot queen?" She had a smirk slapped on her face. "Will you do my hair?" She sighed and said, "What do you want done with it?" "A french mermaid tail braid please." We talked about Harry and Louis, school, dance, and so much stuff. "Hey Kristina, will you help me pick out an outfit?" I walked to my closet and grabbed a union flag tank top, a black leather studded jacket, and some high waist light bleavhed denim shorts. "Here, wear this." I threw her the clothes and she smiled. "Thanks sis." I put on some clear lipgloss that made my lips shimmer. I grabbed my backpack and binder and left the house. I hopped into my red convertible and sat my stuff on the passenger seat. I had 30 minutes to spare, so I went to Starbucks and got a coffee and bagel. I ate my bagel that had a plain taste to it. I slightly sipped on my coffee, which had a strong taste to it. I gulped the whole cup down and drove to the high school.

--At school--

I parked my convertible in my usualy spot. I slipped my backpack on and grabbed my books. I didn't see Louis, so I figured he had already went to class. I grabbed my schedule to see my locker combination. 8-16-2 I turned the knob left and right and left again. I opened it and sat my bag in it. I was just about to close it when I hear a familiar voice. "Ello my carrot queen." I turn around to see my boyfriend Louis standing there. He had a cheeky grin on his face this morning. "I see you wore the outfit and did your hair like I asked. Oooo no makeup." He kissed my forehead gently. He grabbed my binder and said, "I'll walk you to class." I shut my locker and we walked together. We talked and finally we were at my first class- Journalism. "Have fun babe." We kissed and he gave me my books. I walked into class and sat by me and Kristin's best friend, Ellie. "Hey there Kristina!" "Hi." She was always so quirky. So hyper, like Louis, I think that's why I am just immune to it all. Because of Louis. I was lost in my thoughts when I saw a pair of fingers snapping rappidly in front of me. "Yo, Kristina... you here girl?" "I'm fine. Haha thinking of-" "Louis." I giggled. "Yup. He's always on my mind." We talked then class began. We all got to do a partner project and of course Ellie was my partner. The day went by before I could process any of it. Finally my last class was waiting patiently for the red bell to ring. Riiiiiiiing. It finally rang and I ran to my locker. I grabbed my bag and felt a pair of hands wrapped around my waist. I smiled and closed my locker and turned around to see the love of my life standing there. "Ready to go babe?" "Ready."

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