The bedroom scenario

A cosy scene between two people. Very short


1. Nightime adventure

She stood in the door frame, studying the room. She was wearing a long white silk dress, which moved with her body and she enjoyed, how she felt weightless when she was wearing it. She took some steps into the cosy bedroom, moving elegantly as her eyes fell upon a man on the bed. Her lips slowly turned down side up and she reached out and gently left some touches on the man’s arm, when she stood by the side of their bed. Lucas sighed relaxed as he turned his sleeping body around. Every inch of his body was burning hot, both visually and literally. A low laugh escapes her mouth because the tall male was mumbling in his sleep. She leaned down to his forehead, removing some locks of red hair before kissing it lovingly, and laid her hand on his arm, slowly crawling under the blanket, stealing his body warmth, while he shivered. She took her hands to his bare chest, touching his scars, every inch of each scare, each one of them the same, yet so different in form and shapes, each one of them with a special story. She moved her hand ghostly to a scar near his heart and circled around it with her finger and frowned of the memory of the horrible episode. She hurried to pull herself closer to him, and relaxed when she could feel his breath in his in her curly blond hair. 

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