One Direction an you!

You write a comment of your name and what you want to happen in the story!Have FUNN!!!!


2. Harry And Tajah

Harry's P.O.V.

I stand there looking at these beautiful brow eyes and how perfect her long brown hair lays on her shirt, i wish m,e and Tajah were more then just friends. I really love her so much!


Tajahs P.O.V

While Harry and i sit there on the beach my heart is braking i just love him so much but he probably doesn't feel the same way i wish he did.


Harry: " Tajah i have to tell u something"

Tajah: "What is it love?"

Harry: " Ummmmm........."

Tajah: " Harry you can tell me anything i am your best friend" She says in a nice sweet, caring voice

Harry's .PO.V.

I was just scared but she was so perfect i had to tell her the truth

Harry: " Tajah you are the sweetest person i ever met and i want to be more than friends."

Oh no am so stupid she didn't say any thing back\

Tajah's P.O.V. 

I was so shocked at what he said i just was frozen i never did answer back i simply just kissed him and i felt butterflies when we first touched but then i felt sparks in every single place that was one of the best feeling i ever felt. We soon pulled away :( man how i loved this kid <3

Harry: "Well u Tajah be my girlfriend who i well love and care for when u r sad and happy?

i didnt even have to think i already had my answer!

Tajah: " Yes Harry Styles i will"

Then you two kissed again

The End


Hi everyone i forgot this girls user name but i will put sorry it took so long my laptop broke but i got a new one! Hope u in joyed luv u all! 



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