The Boy With The Gutair ( A Niall Horan Fanfiction )

I'm Emily, I'm In The 10th Year. I'm a Huge One Direction Fan! The Member Who Stood Out To Me The Most Is... The Irish Cutie, Niall James Horan. I Have My Own Twitter Account So I Can Talk About The Boys. But One Day Changed Everything Just By My Mum Handing Me Tickets To There Take Me Home Concert. That Whole Night Changed Me From Being A Nobody To a Sombody.. And Here's How It Starts..


6. Workdays

                          Waking up to the smell of fresh, hot tea downstairs I couldn't handle in staying in bed any longer, besides I have work.. Work isn't much fun, I work at a Starbucks in downtown London.  Me and Niall always stayed in contact since the concert, the event that happened between me and Niall was a 'night to remember' and I couldn't even describe it in my own words.. I was speechless. then Suddenly I hear my phone buzz on my nightstand near by, from Niall. "Hello Princess, had a GREAT time last night with you (: I miss you already..): love you xx " I stared at the screen while I can feel myself feel hot behind my cheeks, Niall always knows what makes me smile, laugh, make me feel beautiful all the time.. I don't know how he does it but, it's working.

     I had to get up and walked towards my not so very big closet, and grabbed my Starbucks uniform and placed it on my bed and head in my bathroom, then turned on my shower. After my 5 minute shower I dried off and placed the Uniform over my light-pale body, and then added a hint of perfume from Bath & Body Works it's called 'Cupcake Sparkle.' it makes me smell like actual cupcakes, in which I Love cupcakes and it makes you smell like cupcakes all day! it's quite useful.   I ran down my wooden staircase and raced towards the kitchen and grabbed me some hot,fresh tea. Since I'm a junior in High school  I can be going to work first then come into class during 4th period which is Biology. so in that case I miss 2 class periods  because I have an excuse to miss it, it's either being sick/ ill or have a job, so I choice having a job so I could help out my Mum with the house and bills. and then the rest of the money is left over out of paying the bills I keep for me to spend to shop, or do anything I want with.

My mum was at the kitchen table reading a newspaper, she glanced at me then back at the paper, "Morning Mummy." I spoke towards her while I poured my tea into my mug. "Morning dear, how was last night with the blonde cutie?" she asked, I turned to her in confusion. "He has a name mum.,," I say. she looked back at me with a crazy, freaky grin upon her face. " and what's the fella's name again?." my mum asks me, I smile like crazy. "Niall.. Niall Horan." My mum looks at me with a smile. "that boy from that band you Love oh so much?" she asks me. "Yes mum. " I reply back. I then just left her in the kitchen while I fish for my jacket on the coat rack and head to work with my tea still in hand.

                    When I arrived at Starbucks I noticed a man standing in front of the counter, I went behind the counter and didn't take a glance at the man before I dropped my tea next to cash register and then I recognized who was standing before me.. Brad.  His tall figure was right above me with a huge grin upon his face, "Hello there, Beautiful." he spoke to me politely, I stood there like an idiot until I finally spoke to him "Uhmm hi." I replied to him getting ready to take his order. " You look really pretty today.." he says grabbing my face and taking a strand of my hair behind my ear. I didn't know what I was doing, I was mostly confused.. why was Brad flirting with me? as if I think he is? I mean doesn't he know I'm dating someone? I pushed his hand away from my face "Look Brad.. I'm kind of working here, do you mind?" I say trying to get his attention away from my body. he smiled lightly "Yeah sure, cupcake I'd just take a coffee with sugar please." He spoke, I punched it into the register and grabbed a cup from the bottom of the counter and poured a coffee and added sugar. he then later paid for the coffee and then left, and I was glad he left too. after a couple of minutes into taking peoples orders Niall then texted me.

(From Nialler: Hey babe miss you Loads!!! I'd love to hang out with you later on if it's ok? How about Tonight at my place? Movie night perhaps? If so BRING NANDOS!! (: x.)

I smiled and thought I do need to see Niall, I mean we just started dating him and I miss him too.. I mean I have nothing planned other than having school tomorrow so might as well..

(Ok;) Will do! I'd love to have a movie night with you:))

A/N I'm SO sorry for not updating in a YEAR it was my mistake! I'm truly sorry to those who were looking upon an update. I'll assure you I will be updating MORE often so no need to worry:) Hopefully you all understand. Thank you for hanging in there, Love you loads xx -Kenzie:) 



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