The Boy With The Gutair ( A Niall Horan Fanfiction )

I'm Emily, I'm In The 10th Year. I'm a Huge One Direction Fan! The Member Who Stood Out To Me The Most Is... The Irish Cutie, Niall James Horan. I Have My Own Twitter Account So I Can Talk About The Boys. But One Day Changed Everything Just By My Mum Handing Me Tickets To There Take Me Home Concert. That Whole Night Changed Me From Being A Nobody To a Sombody.. And Here's How It Starts..


3. Saturday Concert!

Emily's P.O.V-- 

Me And Lizzie Made It At 2 Hours Before The Guards Let Us Fans Into The Performance Center. When Moment Later a Black Van Pulled Into The Parking Lot. Basically It Was Freezing Outside,and i Was Dumb Enough To Not Bring a Jacket. The Boys Headed Our Way With Niall On The End. He Walked Up To Me And Noticed I Was Shaking a Lot. "Hello Beautiful.. Seems Like Someone Forgot There Jacket." He Says Smiling At Me. He Took Off His Jack Wills Jacket and Handed It To Me. "T-Thank You N-Niall." i Spoke Putting The Jacket On My Cold Body. He Smiled Again Leaving Me Blushing. He Walked Off Into The Building With The Other Boys. 

- 2 Half Hours Later - 

The Guards Eventually Let Us In and We Took Our Seats Near the Stage.I Was Exited And Very Not That Cold Anymore Since Niall Gave Me His Jacket. It Smelled Like.... Like... Niall. We Were Sitting There Chilling Until We Heard a Starting Beat Of The Song 'Live While Were Young' Me And Lizzie Were Eventually Jumping and Screaming Our Heads Off Like All The Other Fans In to Performance Center. The Lights Were Turning Off and On Repeating Over and Over Again, I Was Very Hard To See Anything. Then Suddenly Five Beautiful Boys Appeard On Stage. We Then Began Screaming and Jumping and Singing Along To The Words Of The Song. 

In The Middle Of The Concert The Song 'Summer Love' Came In Tune. Niall And Harry Where On The Left Side Of The Stage Near Us. and Louis, Liam and Zayn On The Other With Zayn in The Middle Starting Off The Song. It Was Beautifully Played. I Was Swaying Back In Forth With My Hands In the Air Along With Millions Of Girls. When Niall's Solo Came Up He Was Singing Towards My Direction Looking at Me Smiling. I Lightly Blushed and Sang Along Still. "You Were Mine For the Summer.. Now We Know It's Nearly Over.." Niall Sang Reaching His Hand Towards Me. i Grabed It Then a Magical Thing Happend Whch any Lucky Girl Would Have Fainted For. He Lightly Kissed My Hand The Re-Joined The Boys In The Middle Singing The Song. I Was Noticed By My Love, Niall Horan. I Never Knew This Was Going To Be a Lucky Night For Me.. 

After The Concert Ended Me and Lizzie Began Packing Our Belongings Up, All The Girls Left The Performance Center Only About a Few Girls Were Left. I Was Gathering My Stuff and Noticed i Was Still Wearing Niall's Jacket.. The Hard Thing Is That I'm Probley Never Going to Give It Back Because I'm Just a Fan. And I'll Never Get Passed The Guards. Until i Felt a Light Tap On My Shoulder. I Turned My Head and Then Before My Eyes Was Niall James Horan..

A/N: Thank You All For Reading, Sorry Havent Been Updating. Busy.. Busy .. Busy.. Always So Anyways Hopfully You Guys Enjoyed That. And By The Way I Am in Love With Singing! And If You Want to Know How Good I Am Please Ask My Loving Cousin, 1derful_1999. She'll Be Happy To Tell You Or.. You Can Just Ask Me. It Doesnt Really Matter. Thank You So Much Everyone For Reading! Loads Of Love -Kenzie Tommo (: xx

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