The Boy With The Gutair ( A Niall Horan Fanfiction )

I'm Emily, I'm In The 10th Year. I'm a Huge One Direction Fan! The Member Who Stood Out To Me The Most Is... The Irish Cutie, Niall James Horan. I Have My Own Twitter Account So I Can Talk About The Boys. But One Day Changed Everything Just By My Mum Handing Me Tickets To There Take Me Home Concert. That Whole Night Changed Me From Being A Nobody To a Sombody.. And Here's How It Starts..


1. Introduction... School Starts

Emily's P.O.V-- It's Really Close to My Birthday.. Which Is Only 2 Days Ahead. I'm a Huge One Direction Fan, All I'm Hoping To Get is 1D Tickets To See There Concert For There New Take Me Hime Album. But I've Heard That They Wont Start Till Febuary. And It's January Of A New Year Of 2013. I Wasnt Kind Of In The Party Mood During The New Year, Because I've Always Had Someone To Kiss.. Which Is Also Called a New Years Kiss. But All I Did On New Years Was Sit Around On my Butt Watching People On The Telly Have the Happiest Smile On There Face and Party Moods On. And The Sad Part Was I Was With Noone.. All Alone..

Well School Comes Back Up Today So At Least I Get to See My Friends, About Time! I Was Sitting At The Breakfast Table Eatting My Faviorite Ceral, Luck Charms. It Always Reminds Me Of Niall, The Irish Cutie That I Had a Crush On Since They Turned Famous On The X-Factor, And So Later On They Have Been Huge. So They've already Won Three MTV Awards, And Meet The Queen, Which Was a Great Honer For Them To Perform For Her And The Rest Of The Royal Family, And They Perfomred At Madison Square Garden, Which Again Was a Huge Honer.. I Was Very Proud Of The Lads, They Made It So Far Since.. I Was Watching The News On The Telly and I Heard My Mum Coming Down The Staircase. "Moringing Emily." She Said With a L;ight Smile On Her Face From Waking Up. I Smiled "Moringing Mum." I Say Back. "You Better Get Dressed So You Dont Be Late For School." My Mum Tells Me While She's Pouring In Orange Juice. I Gladly Got Up And Walked Upstairs To My Room And Went through My Closet Of Clothing And Shoes. I Didnt Know What To Wear.. So i Dressed Simple Today, White Skinny Jeans And a Ramonds T-Shirt With Matching Black Converse. I Went Into The Bathroom And Fixed My Hair And Brushed My Teeth, Then Kissed My Mum Bye And Left The House.

*At The School*

I Was Walking Around With My Three Best Of Friends, Kendall, Elizabeth, Reagan. We Were The Hugest Of Directioners Of Our Whole Grade. "Cant Belive Your Birthday Is In Less Than Two Days!" Yelled Kendall. "Yeah.. I'm Happy About That!" i Yell Back At Her Laughing. We Walked Into The Cafiteria And Sat Down Away From The Popualr Table Which Neither Of Us Would Fit Into The I Accidentaly Bumped Into The Hottest Guy In Our School , Brad Oliver. "Oh I'm S-" i Say Before He Cuts Me Off "It's Alright Love." He Says Helping Me Up From The Floor. I've Always Had a Little Crush On Him Back In Primary School, Now I Dont Know.. Since I've Found Out About Niall It Kinda Changed. i Always Had a Special Place For Niall.. And I'll Never Let Him Go..

A/N: Hope You Like My First Chapter Of My New Fanfiction.. And If You Havent Yet Please Go Check Out My First Series Books. Called When I Wish Upon a Star, a Louis Fanfic. Thanks For Reading and I'm Soo Sorry If It's Short.. Loads Of Love - Kenzie Tommo xx.(:

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