The Boy With The Gutair ( A Niall Horan Fanfiction )

I'm Emily, I'm In The 10th Year. I'm a Huge One Direction Fan! The Member Who Stood Out To Me The Most Is... The Irish Cutie, Niall James Horan. I Have My Own Twitter Account So I Can Talk About The Boys. But One Day Changed Everything Just By My Mum Handing Me Tickets To There Take Me Home Concert. That Whole Night Changed Me From Being A Nobody To a Sombody.. And Here's How It Starts..


5. Beautiful Night With Niall

Niall P.O.V-- 

               I Made It to Emily's Flat, Really Nervous, And Cant Help but Sweat.. I Was NEVER nervous Towards a Girl Before. 

Never! It's Odd.. But At Least I Cant Be Nervous Towards Emily.. She Seems Cool, Kind, Sweet, And Loving. She Makes Me Feel Like I Can Be Myself Around Her Other Than Letting Her See Me As The Famous Niall James Horan, Irish Cutie And All That Other Stuff What Our Fandom Calls Me.. 

            I Knocked On Her Door, No Answer.. Weird.. She Should Be Here.. Or Maybe She Wasn't interested... I Knew It. 

    i Opened The Door. I'm Not Usually Like This To Any Girls I've Dated Long Before. I Noticed Emily Sleeping Peacefully On The Sofa, She Was Adorable.. She Was Wearing a Beautiful Light Blue Strapless dress. Man What was i Thinking? I've Let this Adorable, Beautiful, Lovable, Young Girl Wait On Me.. What Kind Of Guy Am I? I Should Be Ashamed Of Myself.. 

    I Lightly Shook Her Awake. She Groaned a Little.. "Emily.." I Whispered Lightly Into Her Ear. She Groaned Again. I Shook Her a Little More Rough and Her Eyes Started To Blink Open. "Hmm?.." Emily Spoke Quietly. "Are You Ready?" i asked Her. 

She Looked Up at Me. Confused . "What Are You Talking About?" She asked Me. I Smiled At Her. "Our Date?" i Say Directly To Her. Her Eyes Shot Up With Full Of Suprise. "Oh My- Niall Our Date I Totally Forgotten!" She Yelled And in Panic. I Easily Calmed Her Down.  "Hey, Hey Emily.. Your Alright.. You Just Fell Alseep, It's My Fault For Being Late.." I Spoke. She Sat Up And Looked Down At Her Folded Hands. "No Niall. It's Not Your Fault. I Was an Hour Early Getting Dressed and I Was Exhausted.." i Spoke. I Still Felt Guilty " No I'm Sorry I Should Have Been Here Earlye- " I Said Before I Got Cut Off By Emily's Gentle Kiss. We Released, And Looked At One And Another. She Smiled And I Smiled. "So Shall We?" I Asked. She Nodded and We Headed Towards The Door. 

               Emily's P.O.V-- 

           Niall And I Headed To a Fancy Italian Place, It Was Quite Expensive. "Niall It's Beautiful.." I Spoke in Shock. He Intertwinded His fingers in Mine and Held Tighter Smiling. "Glad You Love It." He Said Kissing My Cheek. I Blushed. A Lady Came Up To Us , And Asked For a Reservation. "Horan.. Niall Horan.." Niall Spoke To The Lady. She Smiled and Grabed Menus and Walked Us Outside Towards a Beautiful Porch, With The Background Of The Sun Setting In. I Sat Down And Niall Sat Down Just After and Ordered Our Drinks. "Niall.. I Dont Know What To Say." i Say Shooked By The Surroundings. She Laughed a Little. "You Dont Have To Say Anything." He Said Placing His Hand On Mine And Looking Directly Into My Eyes. " I'm Here On a Beautiful Night, With a Beautiful Girl.." He Spoke Making Me Blush. He Looked Down On My Chest Where There Stood The Necklace Brad Had Gave Me. "Who Gave you That?" He Asked. I Didnt Want To Tell Him It's From My Crush, Brad , But Niall's My Boyfriend Now. So i Thought For a Moment Then Responded. "A Friend Of Mine.." i Said Smiling. "He Gave It To Me For a Birthday Gift." I Say. He Smiled at Me Then Leaned In Closer To Me and Kissed Me Once again. Then Our Waiter Had Came Along after That With Our Food. 

       After The Amazing Food, We Headed To The Park and Decided To be Stuiped enough and Layed on the Basketball Court and Glanced at the Stars Above Us. And Talking about Nonsence Things. Then i Relized That I've Been Dating The Orginal Niall Horan, I Would Never Go Out With Him Just For His Fame Or Anything.. But Only For Himself. If He Can Be Himself Around Me Then i Can Stay Myslef around him Anyday. And I Love Him For Who He Is.. 

A/N: Hey! Sorry Again about The Late Update. Choir Gets Me Hard. We Starting a play Of Alice and Wonderland. I KNow Cool Right? But Anyways. Hope You Like It1 Not My Best But It's Good. Tell Me What You Think Below. Thanks Loads Of Love - Kenzie Tommo xx(:

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