The Boy With The Gutair ( A Niall Horan Fanfiction )

I'm Emily, I'm In The 10th Year. I'm a Huge One Direction Fan! The Member Who Stood Out To Me The Most Is... The Irish Cutie, Niall James Horan. I Have My Own Twitter Account So I Can Talk About The Boys. But One Day Changed Everything Just By My Mum Handing Me Tickets To There Take Me Home Concert. That Whole Night Changed Me From Being A Nobody To a Sombody.. And Here's How It Starts..


4. A Date?!!

Niall's P.O.V-- 

I Noticed The Beautiful Young Lady That i Had Met Outside and During The Concert, She Was Still Packing Her Stuff Along With Her Friend Next to Her. I Walked Towards Her and Lightly Taped Her Shoulder, She Turned and Her Eyes Were Wide Open. Her Bright Brown Eyes Were Connected To Mine, She Smiled and I Noticed She Still Wearing My Jacket That i Haven Her Earlier, "Hello Princess." I Spoke Charming-Like. She Smiled and Blushed a Little, "H-Hi.." She Stuttered. She Looked Down Noticing My Jacket That She Was Wearing. "Oh My.. Your Jacket! I Think You Would Want It Back Huh?" She Asked Me Nervously. I Watched Her Take Off My Jacket That Perfectly Fit Her Beautiful Curve Body. "Here.." She Says Handing Me The Jacket. I Pushed It Towards Her Again, " No You Can Keep It. It Seems Like You Need It More Than I Do." I Spoke While She Pulled The Jacket To her Again. She Looked At Me Confused, "A-Are You S-Sure?" She Says Stuttering a Little. I Nodded Slowly, She Turned Around Still Packing Her Bags, Gathering Her Belongings. I Was Running Out Of Things To Say.. I Really Like Her, SHe Seems Nice, Very Beautiful, And Very Kind Of Personality. I Just Had To Ask Her Out.. But How? I Never Been This Freaked Over Something To a Girl Before.. Usually Harry Helps Me With Getting The Ladies Since He's a Pro. But I Was On My Own. I Took a Deep Breathe and Spoke, "Listen, I-I Was Wondering.." i Spoke Rubbing The Back Of My Neck. "If You Would.. You Know.. Go On a Date With Me Sometime?'" I Continued. I Was a Bit Nervous On What She Will Say, She Turned To me With Shock. "I Would Love Too!" She Yelled. I Smiled Happily, Her Friend Next to Her Was Smiling as Well, It Was Rude Of Me Not Introducing Myself  To Her. "Hello Love." i Say Shaking Her Hand Lightly. She Smiled "Hi." She Spoke. "I'm Niall." i Spoke To Her, i Noticed Her Laughing "What?" i Asked Concerned. "I-I Know Who You Are Horan." She Says in Between Laughs. "Oh.. Right.." i Said. "I'm Lizzie.. And This Lovely Lady You Just Asked Out Is Emily.." She Says Pointing To Each One Of Them As She Goes By. Emily Hits Lizzie In The Arm Painfully. "Oww.. What Was That For?" Lizzie Spoke. "I Can Introduce Myself You Know!" She Playfully Yelled And Blushing Lightly. "I'm Emily.. Emily Green.." She Spoke. I Took Her Hand In Mine And Gave Her a Playful Smile " Well It's Nice On Seeing You Emily.. Here It's My Number. I'm Looking Forward On Looking For Our Date.." i Say To Her Winking. "Wait!" Emily Yelled As i Walked Off. I Turned To Her Beautiful Figure. "When Are We Going On Our... Date?" She Asked. I Laughed To Myself. "Tomorrow Night If That's Okay With You?" i Asked Her. She Smiled and Nodded Happily. "Okay I'll See You Then Princess." i Say To her Walking Back Off The Stage Towards The Other Boys. I Knew I Couldn't Do This Myself.. i Am Needed Of Help For This Date To Be Perfect For Emily.. My Perfect Princess.

-Tomorrow Night-

Emily's P.O.V-- 

I Was Nervous and Exited All At Once.. I Was Wondering If This Outfit Didn't Look Too Perfect.. I Mean Niall Says He Doesnt Like Perfect Girls... You know.. So i Tried Not To Be Too Mrs. Perfect. I Was Wearing a Beautiful Baby Blue Strapless Dress, with Matching Heels. I Decided It Would Be Cute If  I Curled My Hair Which Is What i Was Planning On Doing. 

- Minutes Pass- 

I Was Waiting At the Front Door For Niall To Come Here Until i Recived a Text By Nialler. 

"Hey, Sorry If I'm Late I Couldn't Find Anything To Wear, Gladly i Have the Boys To Help.. I'll Be There Shortly. Cant Wait To See You.. xo - Niall

I Smiled at The Text Noticing That He Cared For Me. i Looked Down At Myself, Also Realizing i Was Wearing Brad's Necklace That He Had Gave Me For My Birthday 2 Days Ago, The Day Before Going to The Concert. I Looked Towards The Time Noticing It's 7:30. Niall Had Until 8:20 To Pick Me Up, So i Sat On The Sofa Relaxing Till He Comes an Gets Me.. I Was Pretty Exhausted So I Decided I Could Take a Little Cat Nap Till Niall Arrives. 

A/N: Hope You Enjoyed This Chapter! Loads Of Love!! And By the Way I Just Finished The Fanfiction ' Dark ' It's Sooo Good! If You Havent Read It Yet You Should It's Amazing. I'll Update Later On.. Thanks - Kenzie Tommo xx(:

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