Let Her Be ((DeathNote FanFic))

"Let her be." His sweet voice echoed through the hallways of Wammy's lively orphanage. I sat alone on the steps of the majestic home and wondered if I could ever 'be'.


4. This isn't Wonderland... Alice.

Beyond Birthday. What a name... Though somehow, it flowed effortlessly off of my tongue. 

"Beyond Birthday." I spoke my thoughts aloud. 

"Why yes." The hunched boy before me allowed a crooked smile to peer past the thumb that resided on his lip. His eyes wide. Naturally. I continued to look into them, and though they twitched at the irritation of contacts, they remained large and curious. He made me completely forget about L. He made me not want to care. He was so...

"Interesting.." I blurted out, not being able to control my inner babble. 

"Interesting? My dear, what a description." I felt a smile prickle at the edges of my lips. He was fairly patronizing, with the way he spoke, but he was just like L. He looked like him. Stood like him. Spoke like him! 

"I'm A." I thrusted my hand at him, and he eyed it up carefully. 

"A? Ah! The one before myself..." He took the hand offered awkwardly and shook it. "B, at your acquaintance." He began releasing my pale hand, to catch the tip of my fingers. He pulled them down to his hunched state and kissed the back of my hand. "A pleasure, I'm sure." He looked up at me through his dark spikes of messy hair. I snaked my hand effortlessly from his grip and he lifted up slightly, keeping his posture crooked. 

"This is you're room then." I folded my arms over my chest, trying to mimic some of the cold aura I was getting from him.  

"Indeed. May I be as forward as to ask where you will be residing my dear?" He peered over his slumped shoulder to catch my twitching eyes. 

"Down the hall... 3rd door, on your left." I worked it out from this direction, and when I was comfortable with the decision of my left arm I put it to him with confidence. 

"Unless arriving from the other direction, correct?" I gripped the forearm of left arm. 

'"Yeah..." I hung onto the word, feeling the conversation becoming dead. "I'll leave you to it then-"

"To what would it be? Unpacking I presume? I own only the bare essentials. Unless you are referring to the cold atmosphere between us in this somewhat dark room...?" He lingered to his theories and I didn't want to keep contact with the twitching, large eyes of Beyond Birthday. "Don't avoid me... Alice..." Me head snapped up, and my hair followed, concealing my wide eyes. He couldn't possibly... "There's around an average of 86% you're considering the possibility of my intellectual skills, and a rather large 98% that-" He clasped a cold thin hand of long pale fingers over my bare left arm. "You know, I've sussed you out." B tightened his grasp over my arm and my mouth dropped open ready to scream if necessary. He pulled my whole body in a quick jerk, straightening his posture naturally with ease to take hold of me. A cold strong arm wrapped over my lower waist, and the one holding my arm took place over my mouth.

"Beyond!" I muffled against the skin of his palm. 

"Now... You're thinking of biting me. Go ahead darlin' try it. I dare you." I contemplated it, but then thought again. It must be a bluff. "Keke..." His laugh was so eerily dark. My contacts were burning in my eyes, I wanted desperately to get a look at his lifespan. I'd missed it in all the commotion. Damnnit. 

"B-B-B" I tried to say against the hold of his slim arms. 

"Don't resist me." He smirked down at me. "How's the awkward atmosphere now?" I frowned, using my eyes the most. I ignored the irritation of my contacts and jabbed my elbow into his stomach. All I got was a laugh in return, but I flung myself from his weakened arms. Beyond Birthday dipped to his hands and feet on the floor. The way he crawled towards me from below, was the creepiest shit I'd ever seen. 

"B-Beyond!" I yelped as he clutched my ankle, a killer smile over his features. 

"Come and play... A." I shook him off of my leg and reached for the door. His arm simply caught the leg that wasn't fast enough, forcing me to the ground. I fell flat on my front, all air hit out of me, and my jaw slamming on the floorboards. I groaned in pain, and the next thing I knew, Beyond was clambering over my body like a lifeless corpse.

"I'll be the hatter, and you can be Alice... But I must warn you my dear, this is not wonderland."

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