Let Her Be ((DeathNote FanFic))

"Let her be." His sweet voice echoed through the hallways of Wammy's lively orphanage. I sat alone on the steps of the majestic home and wondered if I could ever 'be'.


6. Sweet Morning

I don't know. I don't understand. What is it... "What do you want?" I whispered to myself. It was most likely around 2 am, and the chill that was brushing over my skins from the open window had left me awake all night. Into the unruly hours of the morning. 

What a callous lie.

I'm right. In truth, I was scared to close my eyes for more than a second. Blinking was becoming unbearable. After the events of the previous day, the insistent monster that was Beyond Birthday, would not allow his 'friend' to leave the room. So here I laid, once again, on his bed, almost as if awaiting death itself. 

"Hmm? Is there something you wish to ask?" Beyond glanced over with sightly dimmed eyes, a bored, emotionless expression plastered over his face. I slowly came to sit up and wrapped the thin bed linen over my goose pimpled body. 

"No. Nothing at all." I felt a gush of pain pulse through my numb legs as I tried to move them. 

"Your lies are far too translucent." Beyond dumped whatever mechanical puzzle he had been absently solving into the seat of the chair he had watched me from. I kept my eyes narrowed over at him, no fatigue seeping into my vision. He came to his feet, his back hunched backwards, in a sense of over leaning like he usually would. But not forwards, backwards. This allowed me to see the shape of his figure, sure, he was thin and rather lanky, but when his shirt was tugged back, you could easily identify his strength hidden in that frail looking form. No wonder his grip was so tight earlier. 

Beyond smirked and then looked down, running a hand through his hair. Why is he acting like you're average drop dead, douche bag, teenage boy? Someone please explain that to me. 

"B..." I began, but snapped my lips shut. BB looked back up at me and smiled. Smiled.

The monster smiled. 

Like he just found his prey...

"Yes... A?" Beyond Birthday fell backwards onto the bed sheets, causing a small draft of air to fiter over my skin. His head snapped up to look at me, his hair falling over his face and onto the bed sheets. A small crooked smile remained over his lips, his wide reddening eyes playful in the early morning light. 


You need to get away. 

He's luring you in... Like meat for slaughter.

My head began hurting at the thought. I saw images of him burning my skin. The flame licking up against my pale complexion and leaving a sickening red mark over it. I bit down hard on my lip as my breathing began to heighten. 



"What's wrong... Friend?" My eyes shot open wide and I battered the sheets from my cold, numb body. I tried to take to my feet far too quickly, and like a puppet on broken strings, I collapsed to the floor. 

"I'm..." Like a doll, a toy, you're 'friend'. It was then for a stupid instant I questioned my existence and what reality remained. Get me out of the toy box.

"You're..?" A question formed in his taunting voice as Beyond's shadow masked my body and I felt his presence tower over me. It's a horror movie, where's the off button? Escape... Escape!

"I'm... Not your friend!" I shouted over my shoulder, a cascade of dark hair  masking my face. I scrambled on the floor as a gormless expression fit to B's face. His shuffles towards me reminded me of the dead, the living dead. "Let me go!" I screamed at him, the effort to blast the words from my lungs taking an effect on my physical strength. My mental state was far gone now. 

"Yes you are. Yes. You. Are." Beyond's words darkened and his face lost any playful essence. "YES YOU ARE!"  He bellowed at me. I cringed at his words and rubbed at my ever sore eyes. I hit the door with my protesting arms, my shock easily readable on my face. I hastily reached for the door handle, but my arm fell short. I glanced back at Beyond, and quickly sent my dead arm up again, grasping the cold metal handle. I felt myself relax slightly. Freedom is near.

I began to apply pressure to the handle, when arms encircled my body. I froze as Beyond lay strewn over my weak body. His head hidden firmly into my shoulder, his arms encasing me, holding on tight. It was so quiet in the room, I could not only hear both our hearts beating rapidly, but my hitched breathing. 

"Don't go... Please." A gentle whisper escaped Beyond as he clung to my weak body. I was frozen, my breathing barely even. My body couldn't support both of our weights and my arm fell limp from the handle. B shot up just before I hit the ground, catching my arm in his grasp. A serious expression set over his face. "But if you want to leave," he dropped my arm with a harsh push and opened the door with ease, "then go." I stared at the open door, that lead to a dark corridor in Wammy's.

I glanced back up at Beyond Birthday, forcing myself to sit up. I clutched at my arms as an icy breeze entered the room. 

"Or.." B turned on his heel and headed for the bed, I gave the hallway another luck when his back was turned. "You could at least sleep the night... Or rather, morning." A loose bed sheet hit me and I was wrapped in what warmth remained in the fabric. I bit on the inside of my cheek and looked at the hallway again before coming to my feet and closing the door. I wrapped the blanket over my whole body, making me look like a worm... Or a burrito. I smiled at myself and stood at the side of the bed which Beyond had flung himself onto. I sighed loudly and brushed a piece of hair from the mad man's face to see if he was sleeping. As soon as the hair moved, his hand shot up and clutched my wrist in his long fingers. 

"Hey!" I tugged, but Beyond just stared at my hand. 

"What are you doing." It wasn't a question, but I answered anyway.

"Seeing if you'd miraculously fallen to sleep in the few seconds you'd fallen to the bed." He smirked and huffed out a sort of laugh before slowly letting go of me. I clutched at my cold wrist within the many folds of my bed sheet burrito. Beyond stretched and groaned at the movement. 

"Yes?" He asked as I continued to stare silently at him. 

"The bed..." I started. 

"My room, my bed, you're welcome to share." Beyond winked at me and I narrowed my eyes. 

"But I'm a girl."

"And?" I pouted and sat on the edge of the bed, far from him. He giggled lightly and leaned over. A light hand touched my side. "I'll be a good boy, I promise sweetheart." I dared to look at him, and for a mad crazy teenage boy, he did seem quite sincere. I sighed and spread my burrito over the bed, too tired to care if I was cold or not. 

I closed my eyes and held onto the pillow tightly. Sending a small prayer to whom ever be listening. 

Please let me wake up.

Beyond leaned over me again and I felt the brush of his icy skin over mine. "Goodnight, dearest friend."

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