Let Her Be ((DeathNote FanFic))

"Let her be." His sweet voice echoed through the hallways of Wammy's lively orphanage. I sat alone on the steps of the majestic home and wondered if I could ever 'be'.


5. My Friend.

Help me!








I groaned and pressed through the irregular pain surging throughout my body. What happened? I thought back to last night, and terrifying images of Beyond Birthday riddled my memory. He just switched. Became someone else. Something else. 

"You sleep beautifully. Like a corpse." I snapped out of my day dream and sat up, meeting the eerie glare of Beyond. He was crouched in front of me with a crooked smile plastered over his lips. My eyes were puffy and sore from sleeping with contacts in. I rubbed at them and he watched me. I looked back over at his eyes, tinting red in the light. He wasn't wearing his contacts no more. I looked above his head, trying to make out some sense from the dancing digits, but the contacts were blurring their rapid movements. I looked back to Beyond and he crawled closer to me. Daring to look around me, I found myself to be still in his bare room. On his bed. 

"N-no!" I held my hand in front of me to try and stop him from touching me. "Stay away from me!" Beyond laughed darkly and took my outstretched hand. 

"But dear... You slept with me." He winked and I felt the blood draining from my face. He scared me. He's a scary monster, the one hiding in your closets, under your bed. 

"No... You... You-" 

"I? Well... I took dear innocent Alice to Wonderland. Into the madness." He began chuckling to himself, pressing at the bones in my fingers. I cringed at the pain he was causing

"Stop." I told him sternly. I yanked my hand from his grasp, and held it close to my chest. Beyond glared at me through his dark locks of hair. 

"You can't stop the cogs from churning." He smiled and the madness of the Hatter sliced through his words. I truly felt like I was being led into madness. 

"I can do all that I please, as long as I have the will to change the world." B leapt closer to me, tackling my body down onto the plain white sheets of his bed. It was cold, and hard. Like him. He laughed into my neck, and it reminded me of the hiss of an angry snake. 

"If only I could see the death of the world..." He pondered absently. His face came into view and a hand wrapped itself tightly around my neck, pushing my head back. I was forced to look up at a ghastly white ceiling, my limbs held to the mattress by his body. He had effortlessly placed himself in a position as to compromise not only my legs, but my wrists, all while choking me. My cheeks burned at the awkward situation and I spluttered as his grasp tightened further on my neck. "I will be number 1. I will be the best!" Beyond forced his slim pale fingers into the dints of my neck. I felt my air being restricted, my body protesting for oxygen. He needed to get rid of me. 

"B...B..." I choked out. 

"That's why I need you." The clasp of his claws was released and I felt the gush of needy air enter my airways. I sighed, and didn't move from my position, even as the young boy removed himself from me. "Dear A..." I forced my aching body to sit up, and planted my feet on the ground. This time I was ready. 

"BB." It was simpler than saying Beyond Birthday at the least.

"My only friend." Friend? Is that what he sees as a friendship?

"Friend...?" I asked confused. Tiptoeing closer to him. 

"Indeed. If we were enemies, I'd have killed you dear." My eyes widened. 

"You wouldn't." Beyond spun round, and encased my body in his arms. My arms left helpless by my sides as he crushed me to him. 

"Would you like a demonstration?" Beyond's smile darkened further. 

"Why...?" I gasped as his arms tightened, my whole body constricted. Pressed against his solid stance. 

"Because it's fun." He whispered into my ear. "Let's have some fun." Beyond clutched my wrist, before spinning my body out, my limbs flailed aimlessly, feet trying to keep upright, all whilst spinning. I came to an abrupt halt as my arm was twisted painfully in the opposite direction, due to his fingernails, which latched onto my skin. 

"Gah!" I cried helplessly as I was spun back into his arms. 

"So... Friend.... What would you do if I set you alight?" My face dropped. 

"A-a-Alight?" I murmured. 

"Oh yes." B pulled a lighter from his saggy trouser pocket and flicked at the switch. Sure enough an orange flame flickered to life. 

"You...You can't..." I tried to kick at him, but he held me in place like a statue. 

"WATCH ME!" The flame was sent close to my skin, and I screamed as I believed I was being set on fire. I closed my eyes and held onto Beyond's arm. My nails dug firmly into his skin. So tight that blood began to leak from his minor wounds. 




((Near's P.O.V)) 


Alice, or rather, A, hadn't returned all night. It worried me. That girl was so uncontrollable. I couldn't control her, L couldn't... Only she could control herself. But it was futile. I sighed aimlessly and twirled at a snowy lock of hair, unlucky enough to fall into my vision. It was then, in the early hours of the morning, I heard a bloodcurdling scream. The desperate last resort of some soul terrified beyond belief. Beyond. B. He was with A. I had a feeling he was trouble. I slowly came to my feet, and listened as the screaming continued. My brows furrowed, was she in trouble? Surely... But... Alice never screamed. I began walking as fast as my feet dared, towards Beyond's room. The sound's volume crept higher and I could heard movement on the other side of the door. Entwined with the screams were the dark words of Backup. 

"That's right! Scream for you're life!"



((Alice's P.O.V))


"That's right! Scream for you're life!" I thrashed at Beyond as I felt the flames lick against my skin. 

"STOP!" I had resulted to the outright atrocity of screaming for help. 

"Come dear, we'll meet a bloody end, with you my only friend!" His riddled rhymes were haunting me. The door flung open, and Beyond's teasing ceased. His laugh fell from his face, and the flame disappeared. I felt the burns over my body, and my tears only helped them to sting my skin. It wasn't much, but enough. It was a warning... No... A teaching. I looked up through irritated, puffy, wet eyes to see Mello stood in the doorway, Matt hung on his right, and a small Near behind them both, observing. Beyond twisted me in his arms and immediately took me into a hug. "Shhh... There, there A... You don't want to die... Not like that." My eyes widened on my wet face, which was pressed against his shoulder. 

"A...? You tried to burn yourself." I pushed against Beyond, eager to explain the truth. 

"Yes.. Yes she did... Good thing I was here to save her." The over exaggeration in Beyond's false explanation was burning at my insides. Why?

"Stupid girl!" Mello tugged on my burned arm and pulled me from Beyond's embrace. He lifted me to face him, and sent his gloved palm over my cheek. It began roaring with pain as the leather imprinted on my sore skin. He dropped me and I fell to my knees. 

"I didn't! I didn't do anything! I swe-" Beyond crouched before me and caught my bruising cheek, his cool hand a beautiful relief. 

"Do not harm the poor girl." Beyond smiled darkly at me, knowing the others couldn't see this. "Suicide isn't stupid. It just needs addressing." Beyond pulled my battered body onto his lap and held me gently. I could only stare wide eyed and stand the pain. "I'm here for you... You can count on me... You're my friend." Beyond dug his face into my neck and tightened his hold on my body. I stared over his shoulder, my innocent eyes finding Near in the darkness of the hallway. 

Save me... Save me....

I mouthed to the fair haired boy, who was watching me very carefully. Another warm tear leaked over the rim of my eyelashes as Matt and Mello left me in B's arms. Near held back and nodded at me, confirming he'd got my words, but still left me. I fell limp in Beyond Birthday's arms as he began shaking with laughter. 

"Oh! How fun you are!" He laughed, pulling me back to inspect me. I hung lifelessly like a doll, as he caressed the burns on my skin. "My beauty, you are but only witnessing the begining of the end! You shall know what true beauty is, once your blood is spilled on my hands!" I stared at him wide eyed. 

"W-...W-..." I stammered, my tongue dry. Beyond's reddening eyes waiting for me. "Wh-hy?" I mumbled, my lips cracking, sore and bleeding. 

"Because you're my friend." Beyond laughed. "I love my new friend!" Beyond laid me down over his lap and absently stroked my hair, ridding all the knots in my locks. I felt like a doll. A doll, being used badly, abused in my nature. I was the murderers only friend. I was his toy. 




((Near's P.O.V))


I stood not far from Beyond's room, and listened into the conversation. It seemed stupid to me that A, as emotional as she was, would try to commit suicide. Yes, she had her problems... Yes she missed 'her' L, but she was stronger than that. It occurred to me, that someone wishing to commit suicide, would not do so rationally. Alice never smoked. She had no means to burn herself, no lighter. She had no way to obtain one. Perhaps from Matt, be he had only the single lighter, and I had noted him taking a break for one not so long ago. This all concurs that A was inadequate to even have the means to commit death by burning. What also nagged on my thoughts, was the fact she called, more rather, screamed for help. She was desperate for someone to save her. Those wishing to die, most often than not, do not have second thoughts. A didn't try to commit suicide. It was attempted murder. 

Or close enough. 

A man can torture a soul, without indeed, killing it. This may have been an indirect message... But to whom? L? Did Backup have such a feud with the man he had been aspiring to be? Therefore, I had deduced that the whole, and most likely true, story had not  been uncovered. I hung around the hallways of Wammy's and listened into the conversation between B and A. It then dawned on me, that B was after A. Was Backup jealous of the 'estimated' order of their names? Was he out to be number 1? To be more than A? Then killing her would have been more simple. A more direct attack, knife wound, cut, bleeding, gunshot, anything may have been more adequate in killing A. 

So why only burn her? 

I concluded as I listened in on the vile tormented accusations of 'friendship' between A and B, that it was not suicide. A had not tried to burn to death. She'd been tortured by B. I closed my eyes and twirled a free lock of hair. I came back to reality as I thought of the idiocy of Matt and Mello. The bystanders, whom of which may have reported the incident already. I cannot allow that... I cannot allow the truth to be kept, and unruly justice be laid upon my friend. My friend. 

I sped down the hallways and to the office, I stumbled in on Rodger and the delinquents Matt and Mello. I took a seat on the floor, and awaited my turn. I would win this argument. I bet my favourite milk puzzle on it. 


((Alice's P.O.V))

I lay strewn on the carpet of the bare and cold room. Again, like a doll. I had no energy to move, neither dare I move. I was scared of BB. I was scared of what he was going to do to me next. The cooling draft that came from the door that was slightly a-jar, helped relieve some of the burns. They weren't too serious, but the fact remained, that B had burned me. I just hoped my genius little Near had come up with some accuracy to the lies. a more docile looking Beyond returned to the room, and shut the door with an innocent click. He smiled over at me as I tilted my head back to look at him. The smile was gentle. Real. 

"Help... Me..." I rasped, my voice burning alike my skin. Beyond's smile faded and worry seemed to cross his face. The monster sat beside my body, a large glass of clear, beautiful water set beside me as he did so. A cloth also in his hand. 

"I will help you dear." Beyond slipped an icy hand down my back and gently pulled my aching body onto his lap, sitting me up right against him. I looked up at him, my face barely able to show emotion. I was still shocked, and my hands proved this, shaking horribly. Though I couldn't move my arms to see for my self. I couldn't understand the man before my eyes. He was mad. Insane! He'd burned me! Like a pig for roast! Now he was aiding me? Comforting me? Was this all a test? Beyond's cool slim fingers stroked over my sore cheek. "No man should lay a hand on a woman as that foolish boy did." Pfft. B, you tried to kill me. 

"Water..." I rasped, tilting my heavy head towards the glass. Beyond looked over at the glass, then tightened his grip on my body. 

"Yes, yes." He dipped the cloth in the water, and placed the folded up material over my forehead. I felt my eyes roll back slightly. My dry lips parted at the pleasure of a cool relief on my body. Believe it or not, I wanted to be in his arms. He was the coldest person I knew... Besides, maybe L. I looked back at Beyond, a gentle smile over his large inquisitive features. "I shall aid my only friend." His wet fingers trailed down my cheek, and down my neck, shivers erupting through my body. I groaned, causing him to chuckle lightly. Beyond reached over for the large glass and gently tipped it to my lips, causing a steady flow of icy water to pour past my lips. I gulped at the liquid, needing more and more as it flowed down my throat. It soothed my parted lips, and the rasp in my voice. I soon clutched at the glass with my aching hands, to allow the water flow to quicken. Beyond allowed me to take control, smiling down at me. I closed my eyes, taking in every droplet of water. B swept his now free arm around my body and jostled me in his lap as I sapped the last dregs of water from the glass. I removed the glass from my lips and set it down on the carpet. I wiped at my mouth with the back of my burnt hand. I had no more tears at the moment, so stared at Beyond with dry eyes. His smile widened.

"Th-thank you." I whispered, reserving my energy. Beyond removed wet strands of ebony hair from my face.

"Anything.. For you." I shivered as a hand touched my bare skin. I looked down and watched, powerless against him, as BB pushed a thin cold hand up my wet shirt. "You're shirt's wet. You should change." I just stared back at him with parted lips. My breathing heavy. 

"Please.... Don't hurt me Beyond..." I murmured, hoping for the best. BB's eyebrows furrowed, then his eyes looked down at my lips. 

"I wouldn't dream of harming you, darlin'." A shiver stretched my aching body as Beyond's hand moved again, caressing my warm skin. "Never... Ever..." B smiled at me and closed his eyes as he kissed my damp forehead. "My friend."

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